Dirty Wind Move in Reggaeton Dance 

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  Dirty Wind Move in Reggaeton Dance 


Reggaeton is a unique form of music with its own dance style which combines a series of Latin genres, from salsa to merengue, as well as modern hip hop. Reggaeton first emerged in Latin America in the early 1990s, but is quickly sweeping America with its eccentric rhythms. The dirty wind dance move is a perfect example of the unique steps used to dance to the sensual lyrics of reggaeton.

  1. Keep your movements as fluid as possible during the dirty wind as well as other reggaeton steps. While the dirty wind can be a difficult move to make smooth and easy, the reggaeton dance style is characterized by elastic-like movements, including this more advanced move. Practice slowly, one step at a time and begin to work on speed once you have mastered the move.
  2. Place your feet together and bend slightly at the knees as you turn your legs out. This outward motion of your legs is constant throughout the entire move; however, remember to keep your feet close together.
  3. Lift your right foot off of the ground, and bring it down onto the toe, rolling down to the heel. As you are rolling down with your right foot, pick up your left foot and repeat on the left side. Remember to keep your knees rolling outwards. Repeat to complete the dirty wind.
  4. Add your own personal touch to the reggaeton dirty wind by lifting one hand and moving it in circles to the beat of the music. Roll or bob your head back and forth, or add any other unique style that you like. With time, you will find that reggaeton allows a lot of improvisation for you to perfect your own unique dance routine.

Dirty Dancing - Versión Reggaeton

Mix Reggaeton / salsa 2009

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  Salsa TV, Singapore



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