Foot Shuffle Combo for Reggaeton 

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Foot Shuffle Combo for Reggaeton 


Hardstyle Foot Combo

Reggaeton is a type of music and a style of dance that combine a variety of Latin genres, such as salsa and merengue as well as modern hip hop. Characterized by sensual lyrics and gyrating dance moves, reggaeton hit the scene in Latin countries in the early 1990s. Gaining popularity in the U.S., the reggaeton foot shuffle combo is just one of many moves you can add to your routine today.
  1. Keep your movements smooth and flowing throughout the foot shuffle and other reggaeton moves, as this style is characterized by an elastic-like quality in the limbs. Practice the steps one by one until you have perfected them, and then begin to work on speed and fluidity.
  2. Begin with your feet spread a bit further than shoulder width apart. Keeping your foot flat on the floor, turn your right heel in so that your toes are now pointed out to the side. Follow by rotating your foot again, spinning on your heel and turning your toes so they point in.
  3. Continue the movement, turning your heel in, followed by the toe, heel, toe, turning your body in a counter-clockwise circle. Make sure that your left foot stays planted, only turning enough so that you can spin around in a circle.
  4. Add your arms into the movement, lifting your right arm and shoulder as you move the heel in, dropping your arm and shoulder as you move the toe in. The movement of your arms will help you add motion to your hips and personal style to the step.
  5. Use the reggaeton foot shuffle as one single movement, or combine the step with others, using it as a basic transition move. With time and practice, you will find that reggaeton allows for a lot of improvisation on the dance floor.

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  Salsa TV, Singapore


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