Foot Shuffle Step in Reggaeton Dance

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  Foot Shuffle Step in Reggaeton Dance


A combination of Latin musical and dance styles as well as modern hip hop, the sensual lyrics and gyrating dance moves of reggaeton are sweeping the nation. First made famous among young Latinos in the early 1990s, this unique dance style remains one of the most popular genres in all of North and South America. The foot shuffle is just one of many reggaeton dance steps you can learn today. 

  1. Keep your movements as smooth and fluid as possible during the foot shuffle and other reggaeton moves. This dance style is characterized by its elastic-like movements, so practice your steps slowly until you master the move and then begin to work on speed. 

  2. Place your hands behind your back and stand with your feet about hip width apart. Open your feet out so that your toes are pointing slightly to the side. 

  3. Jump a bit and lift up onto your left toe as your turn the toe in. In the same motion, turn your right toe in, keeping the foot flat on the floor. Hop again and move to the left. Stay lifted on the left toe as you open your feet again, pointing your toes to the side. Hop, move your toes in, hop, toes out. 

  4. Repeat the move at least four times as you move to the right and then repeat, moving in the opposite direction. 

  5. Add your own personal touch to the reggaeton foot shuffle by adding arm movements any way you like. You can push them out to your sides, make circles with one or both hands, left them behind your head or create your own style. 





Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  Salsa TV, Singapore




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