How did Jeanine Mason win the dance Competition?

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How did Jeanine Mason win the Dance Competition?


Jeanine Mason Wins So You Think You Can Dance Finale

Jeanine Mason (contemporary dancer) timing was everything - and not just in her footwork. According to "So You Think You Can Dance" executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe, the 18-year-old from Miami peaked at just the right moment to snag the title of America's favorite dancer, winning the fifth season of the Fox series Thursday night and the $250,000 prize. A record-breaking 21.6 million votes were cast Wednesday to determine the winner.

When she won, the personable and exuberant Mason, laughing with tears in her eyes, told host Cat Deeley, "I never thought I'd be giving an acceptance speech at the Kodak [Theatre], but thank you Academy."

Jeanine said, "It honestly feels like nothing right now. I just feel numb from head to toe. I know when it does hit me, I'll probably run around my apartment 5,000 times screaming at the top of my lungs. Other than that, I'm just so excited to be here. Someone asked me earlier if I ever had a feeling I would get eliminated and I said 'Every week!' Every week you think you're about to go home. I'm so happy that I didn't go home and that I got voted America's favorite dancer, which is ridiculous."

Jeanine Mason Wins SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Finale




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