How to Audition for Dance Premier League on Sony (INDIA)?

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How to Audition for Dance Premier League on Sony (INDIA)? 

  1. Study various dance techniques. While your strength in a particular dance may get you to the semi-finals, only those with the ability to perform multiple dance styles and learn choreography will progress in the competition. Take lessons from a professional dance instructor and learn the basics for as many dance styles as possible to better your chances.
  2. Visit the DPL website to determine where auditions will be held. Various Indian cities have audition stops.
  3. Appear at the designated audition location closest to where you live. Prepare yourself to wait in line for hours and possibly even a few days. As you enter the building, check in at the registration desk and obtain your audition number.
  4. Be professional and respect the judges during your audition. As they critique your work, maintain and open mind. Above all else, keep your thoughts to yourself unless the judges ask you a specific question. Many who audition and run their mouths don't make it very far in the competition.
  5. Show your personality. While the majority of the competition focuses on dance technique, you must also be able to portray a personality to fit the choreography. Taking a few acting classes would be very helpful in developing your ability to dance and portray a persona at the same time.
  6. Understand that, if the judges think you have skill, but aren't certain you can perform various dance styles, they will send you on to the choreography round, which will determine if you go home or go on to the semi-finals. If you are outstanding during your solo, they will select you. Prepare yourself for the possibility that you may not be good enough for the competition and you could get sent home immediately.



















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sivajitv123 10/19/2009 15:00

its good.

Amol 10/19/2009 08:08

You have taken a lot of trouble in creating this blog. This article may not be read by the DPL contestents.
DPL seems to represent tribal Indai to demonstrate its cultural heritage. I would like to ask Sony a question...........What there for us city boys?
Many of us the urban generation have left our culture and embraced western influence. Sony this may be food for thought for you.

Sangeeva 10/18/2009 20:52

Good point, I should have read them before the audition.