How to enjoy Buenos Aires night life

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How to enjoy Buenos Aires night life


El Tango es el producto cultural más auténtico del país de los argentinos


Americans traveling abroad often go for the culture, but in foreign countries, safety concerns may keep them indoors at night. After reading this article about how to maximize your safety and experiences, you'll no longer fear staying out until 7am in the heart of Buenos Aires.

  1. One of the first things you need to do in BA (Buenos Aires) is find a good tango instructor. The tango is such a huge part of Argentina's culture that it's a necessity. Sure, you could just WATCH a tango show, or you could actually participate. Ask your concierge for help, making sure to point out that you're a beginner.

  2. At your tango lessons, ask your professor for 2 recommendations: a great tango club and a great discothèque. It's important for you to use your newly-found skills, but you should also take the chance to explore a more contemporary part of dance culture as well. I recommend visiting a tango show that has dancing afterwards, they expect tourists there.

  3. Dressing up is just as important for going out on the town in Buenos Aires as it is in the US. If you're going during their summer season (roughly November-March), it will be hot no matter where you go, so dress appropriately, heels are normally required for women. DO NOT wear flip flops.

  4. Ask the concierge if he or she may be able to get you on the list for his/her favorite nightclub. If you're on the list, you might not have to pay to get in. And if you're not on the list, you might not have to pay because you won't be able to get in

  5. Everything runs much later in Argentina than the US. Dinner usually doesn't start until about 9 pm, and clubs don't usually even open their doors until about 1 am at the earliest. I recommend going to dinner around 10 pm, heading back to the hotel to change, and then catching a Radio taxi to your dancing destination.

  6. This time gap between dinner and clubbing allows for plenty of pre-gaming, which I suggest you indulge in for two reasons: 1) you're not driving anywhere and 2) red wine in Argentina is fabulous.

  7. When you get to the discoteca, if there is not a line outside, that means it isn't open yet. Head down a couple of blocks in any direction until you find an open-air bar and take a seat. Portenos (what Buenos Aires-dwellers call themselves) live a very relaxed lifestyle and do not react well to high-strung tourists de Estados Unidos. Be patient, have a drink.

  8. When the club does open, hop in line and get up to the front. You should be on the list, so I hope you brought along your passport or other form of ID to verify that you're allowed in this club despite your Gringo status. Go ahead and grab a drink from the bar (most operate with a "pay first and get a drink ticket" system) before stepping out into the strobe-filled dance floor.

  9. There's nothing left for you to do but dance the morning away. So get down.

    Almost all clubs in Argentina play North American music to dance to, so it shouldn't be much different from the clubs at home - except for the general double awesomeness of the scene. Be prepared to feel as though you're in a rave out of a movie.

    Above all, please do not accept anything from any of the men (or women) that you may meet and dance with at the club. This includes drinks, drugs and rides home. While they may be perfectly nice people, they may also be perfectly sinister people, just like in Estados Unidos

  10. Go home when you're tired.

    Just because discotecas in Argentina stay open until the first church services on Sunday morning (usually about 8 am), this does not mean that you have to close down the club. You'll enjoy yourself more if you go home when you're tired, thank your hotel's doorman for looking out for your group and get some rest before doing more exploring the next day.


























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