How to Enjoy Tango as a Guy

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How to Enjoy Tango as a Guy


El Tango es la directa expresión de lo que comúnmente los poetas han tratado de definir en palabras como: la creencia de que la lucha puede ser un festejo


Argentine Tango is a challenging dance, though it's also fun, since partners feel each other’s movement to determine what step to take. While this sensual dance only has 5 basic steps, it takes time to learn them--sometime a year is needed to master just the basics, as an exact and deliberate technique is required. As a male, you set the tone and lead, so the more you enjoy the dance, the more your partner will enjoy herself.

  1. that Argentine Tango has 5 basic moves: pivoting, stepping forward, stepping back, stepping to the side and shifting weight. Lean forward with your chest. Step, drive forward–the direction your body moves indicates the dance steps your partner should take. Take your time, because rushing can ruin Argentine Tango. Make tempo changes and pause to add a dramatic effect to the dance.

  2. Hold one another in what is known as a close embrace or apart. Place your hand on the small of the woman’s back in both types of holds. Hold each other’s free hand at about a 45-degree angle near your bodies. slightly against one another in close embrace.

  3. Practice walking. Take steps deliberately and forward; lean forward and don’t worry about stepping on your partner’s toes. Practice the walk until you feel comfortable.

  4. Learn the Salida. Embrace one another as you did when walking. Take a step to the left. Bring your feet together and step forward with your right foot as you turn your body slightly to the right. Bring your left foot next to your right foot. Move your upper body so that your shoulders are square and step forward. Step to the right.

  5. Learn the Ocho. Turn your body to the direction in which you want to step forward to indicate where you want your partner to follow. Shift your weight so you and your partner step forward on the right foot.



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