How to Learn Paso Doble Choreography?

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  How to Learn Paso Doble Choreography?

"Strickly Come Dancing", "Dancing with the Stars", "America's Best Dance Crew" and similar shows have become popular on TV as viewers have been mesmerized by the shows' choreographed dances. Viewers watching contestants performing this choreography may wonder if they could ever do that. Chances are you can, as learning dance choreography is easier than you may think.
  1. Determine what type of dance you want to learn. There are many different styles of dancing, and knowing what you want to do will help you find the right class or instructor. In this illustration I have chosen Paso Doble.  (Paso Doble is a very temperament Spanish dance. The man shows by his body movements to look like a bullfighter in an arena and leads his partner in and out of his patterns as if she were a cape. But both can also represent Flamenco dancers in some figures. Paso doble means two steps, which is easy to dance, however, the body posture is more difficult as hips are moved forward (pretending not to be hit by bull).

    Characteristic variations: Sur place, Apel, Promenade close, Twists, Flamenco arms movements)
  2. Assemble necessary equipment. To learn dance choreography, you want proper dance clothes that don't restrict your movements and allow you to move freely. It's also important you have a stereo to play your music as well as a full-length mirror that allows you to watch your dance moves and make corrections to inaccurate steps.
  3. Find a community dance class. Colleges and universities, community centers and private dance schools offer dance classes for people that want to learn a specific style such as salsa, ballroom or hip-hop dancing. Check with local dance organizations and schools to see what classes are being offered in your city and how much they cost.
  4. Take private lessons. Although classes are popular formats for learning dance choreography, there are other options. You can hire a private dance instructor or tutor to teach you choreographed moves. Even though this generally costs more than taking a class, it's an ideal option if classes are only offered at times that don't fit your schedule.
  5. Learn how to count steps. Dances are usually choreographed using an eight count, which gives you a rhythm and step count to match. This is done before you put the dance to music, and it helps everyone complete the same moves at the same time.
  6. Watch your instructor and mimic the steps. When learning dance choreography, it's important that, at the beginning, you pay attention to the instructor's movements. Having even the smallest variation in steps or moves can ruin your performance if you will be performing as part of a group.
  7. Practice. Although you may only attend a dance class or lesson for one hour every week, it's important you spend twice as much time outside of the class practicing what you learned. The only way you can get better at remembering all the steps of choreographed dances and make them look clean is to practice the dance.

Paso Doble Dance Choreography

Paso Doble Dance Choreography with Music

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