Kenny Logan & Ola Jordan Paso Doble

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  Kenny Logan & Ola Jordan Paso Doble 

One of the most dramatic of all the Latin dances, the Paso Doble is a progressive dance. In the Paso Doble, dancers take strong steps forward with the heels, and incorporate artistic hand movements. The forward steps, or walks, should be strong and proud. The man should also incorporate apel, a move in which he strongly stamps his foot, much like a matador strikes the ground in order to capture the attention of the bull. All moves of the Paso Doble should be sharp and quick, with the chest and head held high to represent arogance and dignity.

Distinctive Paso Doble Steps

In Spanish, "Paso Doble" means "two step" and refers to the marching nature of the steps. The dance consists of several dramatic poses that are coordianted with highlights in the music. The body is held upright with the feet always directly underneath the body. The following steps are distictive to the Paso Doble:
  • Sur Place (on the spot)
  • Separation
  • Attack
  • Huit
  • Open Promenade to Open Counter Promenade
  • Spanish Line
  • Promenade Close
  • Flamenco Taps

RUGBY star Kenny Logan made it look easy as he strutted his stuff with dance partner Ola Jordan. The pair were in Glasgow's Princes Square offering lessons to shoppers as they rehearsed for the live version of Strictly Come Dancing at the SECC.

But professional dancer Ola, who is used to dancing with carthorses such as Andrew Castle and DJ Spoony, had no chance with our reporter The 26-year-old tried her best but soon realised he was more John Sergeant than John Travolta.

My beloved students my questions to you on Kenny and Ola dances:

  1. What was performed? 
  2. What was performed well? 
  3. What was not performed? 
  4. Wheat was not performed well?

Kenny & Ola (Paso Doble) Strictly Come Dancing 2009 BBC

Kenny & Ola (Paso Doble) Strictly Come Dancing 2009

Now let check out a professional Paso Doble
Paso Doble Finals 2008 Blackpool Professional Latin

Professional Paso Doble DWTS Tour





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