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TANGO Calesita


El Tango es el producto cultural más auténtico del país de los argentinos

La Calesita, is a milonga held outdoors on the grounds of the sports club "ObsBA" (time ago called "I.M.O.S.") which is in the Avenue Comodoro Rivadavia at number 1350. It is located in Nuñez, a suburb of Buenos Aires, near the 8000 of the "Liberatador" Avenue. The organizer is Julio Mendez, a tango dancer and teacher, who spends much of his time teaching in Europe.

La Calesita (The Carousel) is also a Tango song by Catulo Castillo and Mariano Mores, who were inspired in the old Carousel located lot of time ago in the square "1º de Mayo".

La Calesita is finally also a Tango step which defines a move in which the follower is drawn to lean forward balanced on one foot while the leader walks, forwards or backwards, in a tight circle around her.  Calesita is a movement in which the man leans the lady's axis on his and steps around her placing all his steps equidistant to her supporting leg. If he steps further away from her supporting leg during the calesita it creates a deeper angle and is often called Carpa (tent).





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