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http://cdn.womenshealthmag.com/files/images/0905-flat-abs.jpgYou want to feel younger and healthier every day. You want to find a way to make yourself feel better.  There are many different things you should consider. The clothes are very important and you should think about the clothes that you wear.  You should wear some nice dress shirts and custom shirts instead of all of those old mens shirts.

The other people will notice you, if you look more attractive and healthy.  You can take care about your lifestyle. Some people don’t care about the things that they eat and they don’t care about the things that they drink. You need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables instead of eating junk food.  You need a lot of vitamins to keep you healthy. You should also drink a lot of water and other liquids every day. If you drink a lot of water, you have a fresh look and your body can get rid of the harmful substances. You also need to take care about exercising. You need to exercise a lot to keep you fit. If you are fit, you are ready for many different challenges. You can have a lot of stamina and endurance. If you have endurance, you can withstand all of those long hours at work. You can be a productive worker. You will prove to your boss that hiring you was a good idea. You need to fulfil the other people’s expectations. You need to prove yourself in many challenges. This is why you should keep your body fit. You will have a healthy mind in a healthy body. You can feel younger and ready to solve some difficult problems. You should change your bad habits. This way you can achieve perfection and have the best results at your work and in your personal life.


Female Abs: Why it Takes Longer?
http://www.musclesprod.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/women-abs.jpgMost guys really want to just look in the mirror and see a wonderful looking figure inasmuch as most of guys are not professional body builders. The truth is that to look like a professional body builder requires a lot of effort and the results may not be really what you desired.

The issue of over building is not really a point of worry for women. As for guys, the Tony Atlas physique will only result from extreme body building and probably intake of professional bulking supplements.

Due to what doctors suspect to be hormonal differences between men and women, there is a difference in the rate of metabolism in either sex. Although the doctors are not exactly sure of why this happens, there really is a difference. Additionally, the various parts of the body differ in definition during body building.

http://www.gianepal.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/women-slim.jpgIn the female body, the abdominal wall is lined with fat. This is a natural occurrence in women of normal weight. When the body burns off fat, there is a loss in body weight but then, there is no corresponding gain in mass. The body does not convert fat into muscle so the fat is absorbed into the bloodstream from where it diminishes with time. This process could result in a change in your heart and blood pressure if you have reached the menopausal stage and age in life.

It is important to apply an exercise regimen that is targeted at building stamina and cardiovascular health when trying to work on the female abs. This is in some contrast to the general and moderate exercise that everyone embarks on. Interestingly, men are more susceptible to hernia in the stomach region while women find it a bit harder to define their abs.

The reason for the difficulty in defining the female abs is actually because of the difficulty in finding it in the first place. Actually, in order to locate the female abs, the person has to lose belly fat. This demands a major change in the fat intake as well as radical changes in the diet to ensure that the excess fat in the belly region is drastically reduced. The diet must therefore exclude junk food, sweets, fried foods, sugar and salted snacks.

Losing all that fat still doesn’t give you the desired abs though. The next thing is to build some tissue in order to bring out that nice looking abs. The key to getting this is consistency. A lot of people rely on supplements and miracle programs but these will not work the expected wonders.

The ideal kind of exercises to get results will concentrate on the stomach region while increasing your strength and adding definition to that region. You can use machines in conjunction with floor exercises. Just remember, persistence, diet and abs targeted exercises are key factors in this program.


Your Six Pack Abs – Why Can’t You See Them Yet?
Six pack abs are said to be the pinnacle of fitness by some. I’m not much for flashy titles, but not many things are more appealing then a flat stomach on the opposite sex.

Ever stared in a mirror after months of hard training and wondered when you’ll see that sexy six pack of yours?

Too much time training abs
For one, we spend way too much of our precious training time on ab exercises (bicep training ain’t far behind). Speaking directly from experience, I’d spend an entire training session, typically 60 minutes, doing hundreds of reps of various crunches, leg raises, and twisting exercises.

Fast forward to today, I use that time now on full body workouts that elicit a much better metabolic response and increase my fat-burning hormone levels throughout my body.

David Zinczenko, nutrition specialist and author of "The New Abs Diet for Women", talks at length about how losing stomach fat is one of the most important aspects to uncovering your abs. The range of movement and amount of work required in exercises like ab crunches is not enough to cause a significant metabolic response to burn fat.

You need to challenge your entire body and exercise proper nutrition to destroy that wall of fat that is blocking out your six pack abs.

Low Fat or Low Carb diet?
Neither. Don’t get fooled into this “low” or “high” fad diet business because I was a sucker for a long time when it came to fad diets.

Instead, go Medium Fat, Medium Carb, or have balance, and you’ll be lean enough to see your flat stomach and eventually your abs. More importantly, stay with nutrient dense foods in their natural state, or as unprocessed as possible.

Various studies have shown the damaging effects of heavily processed foods in our bodies including new research published in the journal BMC Cancer by Dr. David Christiani and others of the Harvard School of Public Health. This study reveals that children who eat processed meats like bacon, hot dogs and sausage are 74% more likely to develop leukemia than children who avoid such processed meat and eat more vegetables and tofu instead.

Absolutely crazy! I’m not making this stuff up.

Unprocessed foods to help keep you in balance include vegetables, fruit, unrefined grains, nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocados, and many more.

Don’t ever let someone or some program tell you there is a limited list of so called “good foods”. There is a ton of possibilities and some programs do a better job then others in organizing this information for you.

Just as an example, David Zinczenko program provides a variety of meal plans, including ones that focus on veggies entirely and others that are price sensitive if you can’t afford a full on organic plan.

Remember, keep the processed stuff out and you’ll quickly gain total control over how lean you want to get.

Slow and boring cardio
It’s important for people to realize that regular strength training using heavier resistance will not “bulk” you up. You need to be eating off a conveyor belt to bulk up but that’s not the point of this article or this site.

If you can’t find people wasting time doing countless ab crunches, then for sure you’ll find them wasting equally important time doing a slow cardio exercise or lifting really really light weights.

Some of my most challenging workouts in the past year took place without even setting foot in a gym. Just me, outside at a park, cranking out planks, mountain climber push ups, and wind sprints in the fresh air and sun. And when you combine these types of exercises with variable intensity, or intervals, the metabolic and hormonal response you’ll get in your entire body (including your abs) will be impressive.

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