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http://www.body2shape.com/image-files/0htlbellyfat.jpgFat is a part of everyone's body.  Fats are composed of glycerols and acids that can be solid or liquid and usually insoluble in water.  Also called lipids, fats or oils that cannot mix with water are necessary for many life forms.  There are many different types of fats, saturated and unsaturated.

Fats are an important part of nutrition.  They are necessary for the absorption and digestion of vitamins K, E, D, and A.  Essential fatty acids are needed for healthy body function.  Fats support healthy skin and hair, proper body temperature, and serve as protection for organs from shock.  Fat also serves as stored energy in the body, as it can break down into glycerol, which becomes glucose.

Edible fats are found in meats, fish, milk, soybeans, olives and nuts.  Vegetable shortening and margarine are manufactured fats that come from these sources.

The three major types of fat are saturated, polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated.  Saturated fats add to the cholesterol that lines the arteries and its intake should b limited.  Polyunsaturated facts have little effect on cholesterol.  Monounsaturated fat is the healthiest type of fat and increases the body's good cholesterol, which reduces the amount of bad cholesterol that clogs arteries.

People may call themselves or other people "fat," but what does that really mean?  This usually means that a person is larger in size than the average person, or lack muscular shape in various parts of the body.  In reality, everyone has some fat in their body and we all need it.  The problem is that we often accumulate much more than we need to.

The more fat we accumulate, the larger our bodies become.  For a person to truly be considered "fat" or obese, they need to have a body mass index that is greater than 30.  The body mass index is determined by your height and weight ratio.  It is your weight in pounds divided by your height in inches.  If your BMI is higher than 30, you are considered obese, and should loose some fat.

There are several disease risk factors that increase when a person is considered "fat."  These include heart disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and gallbladder disease.  Losing the extra fat is essential in reducing the risks of these problems developing.  It is terribly unhealthy to carry large amounts of extra fat, and losing the excess can help people feel better physically and emotionally.

How Do You Get Belly Fat?
http://www.phen375fatburnerpills.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/07ce5_lose-abdominal-fat.jpgBecoming "fat" happens in many different ways.  There are several main factors that contribute to a majority of people's body fat content.  These include overeating, a lack of exercise, and not eating a balanced diet.

Eating too much is probably the number one reason why people become "fat."  Serving sizes are much larger than they should be, and people tend to eat larger meals, especially when eating at restaurants.  Eating without being hungry is extremely common, and adds to the fat on our bodies.  Snacking while at the movies, watching television, and at parties can get out of hand sometimes.  Holidays and other special events are often celebrated with food, and people tend to eat more when other people are eating around them.  People often loose track of how much they actually consume when they eat while doing other things.  It is simply a habit to eat more than we need to, especially since food can taste so good!

Not exercising enough is also very common.  Modern conveniences have spoiled many people into a lack of physical activity.  Cars allow us to get to places faster than walking.  The internet saves us a walk to the library.  Cell phones keep us from running to the pay phone.  Elevators keep us from using the stairs.  Our busy jobs keep many of us at a desk all day.  We consume many more calories than our bodies are burning because we don't move very much.  There is so much entertainment that we can amuse ourselves and take care of our needs with little or no physically challenging activity.  Most people aren't on sports teams, and few people make an effort to burn calories.  We are either too busy, or too lazy.

This leads to my next reason why we have become "fat."  Nutrition is not a priority on the list.  Fast food is convenient, yet often very high in fat and carbohydrates.  Most people do not get the proper balance of fruits and vegetables in their diet.  Without the properly balanced diet, our bodies store the excess of the sugars and fats that it has an abundant supply of.  Meanwhile, our bodies lack other types of nutrients.  If we focused on balancing our diets to include the proper servings of what we need, we would not store as much fat.

How Long Does it Take to Loose Belly Fat?
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Y7RZotA0PRQ/TZ7KsOHf94I/AAAAAAAAA1w/A-uGTnGkONQ/s1600/Lose-Belly-Fat.jpgLosing fat is not the easiest thing in the world to do.  As a matter of fact, I can even say that it is hard, especially for an adult who has a sedentary lifestyle.  Depending on how much fat has to be lost, it can take weeks, months, and even years to get rid of the excess.  The speed of weight loss also depends on several factors.  These include calorie intake, metabolism, types of exercise, and the amount of exercise.

You calorie intake is very important in weight loss.  It is necessary to maintain a high enough calorie count for healthy bodily functions to continue.  At the same time, it is important to have a low enough calorie count in order to burn the extra stored energy on the body.  It is extremely difficult to loose fat with a high calorie intake.  The higher the calorie intake, the longer it will take to loose the fat.  The lower the calorie intake, the less energy will be available to effectively burn away fat.  Balance is the key to a speedy weight loss.

The calorie intake influences your metabolism.  When you eat, your metabolism increases because the body must work to digest the food.  The faster your metabolism, the faster you will loose fat.  The amount of physical activity you engage in will also determine the rate of your metabolism.  The less you move, and the less often you eat, the slower your metabolism will be.  The slower your metabolism, the slower you will loose weight.

Exercise plays a big role in increasing your metabolism.  Muscle focused exercise is highly effective in increasing metabolism.  Performing strength exercises like calisthenics and weight training will build muscle and increase your metabolism.  Other types of exercise, like cardio, will also help to increase your metabolism because they get your heart pumping.

You have to burn 3,500 calories to loose one pound.  With the balance of calorie count and exercise, you have to make sure that you burn more calories than you eat.  The amount of exercise do should burn off what you eat, and a little extra in order for you to loose fat.

Losing weight at a slow and steady pace will help you to keep the weight from building back up.  How long it takes is up to you.  Slow fat loss is the healthiest approach, and crash weight loss is the least healthy approach.

What Can You Do to Loose Belly Fat?
http://cdn.womenshealthmag.com/files/images/0905-flat-abs.jpgAll of this talk about fat must make you want to loose some fat.  How will you do it?  Here are some proven tips that can help your to loose fat fast. We highly recommend Fat Loss for Idiots to help you loose weight.

Eat several small balanced meals per day.  Make sure that you cover each of the food groups each day.  You need fruits, vegetables, and grains in multiple servings everyday.  You need meat and dairy products once or twice a day.  By making sure that your body gets the right amounts of the right foods, you will limit the amount of stored energy that builds on the body in the form of fat.  By eating several times a day, you increase your metabolism.  It works better for weight loss than three larger meals in a day.

Cut back on saturated fats.  You should not avoid fat all together, as some fats are good for you.  You should limit saturated fat, however.  Eat smaller amounts of fatty meat and dairy products, and switch to lower fat varieties of the ones you normally eat.  Bake instead of fry your foods to save fat calories.  Use extra virgin olive oil to fry, if you do choose to fry, because they have more monounsaturated fats than shortenings and vegetable oil.

Get more cardiovascular exercise.  Make an effort to walk, jog, do aerobics, or ride a bike.  You can also rollerblade for a good cardiovascular workout.  The idea is to get your heart pumping to keep it healthy.  It will increase your metabolism and burn more calories.  There are plenty of DVDs available with cardiovascular workouts set to music that you can buy.  Three cardio workouts per week is ideal, with each workout extending at least 20 minutes.

Build muscles.  Weight training and calisthenics are effective ways to build muscles.  The more toned muscles you have, the more calories your body will burn overall.  If you have enough muscle tone, you will burn more calories even if you are just sitting down and resting.  Having toned muscle is very important in losing fat.

With the proper diet and the right amount and types of excises, you will loose the amount of fat that you want.  Reducing your calorie intake and increasing your activity level will aid you tremendously in losing the extra fat and make you healthier overall.  Remember that having some fat is important, and everything else should be eaten in moderation.  Put these things into action and you will loose your fat fast!


Abdominal Crunches?
http://www.realbeauty.com/cm/realbeauty/images/4S/rby-wid-carly-slide-4-de.jpgReducing the belly fat is an important task for many people all around the world due to obesity issues. Many exercises are carried out to have a physically fit outlook without much bloated stomach. Abdominal crunch is one such exercise carried out to burn out the belly fat. It is one of the easy exercises performed to reduce the belly fat with great results in a very short period of time.

This is the No.1 exercise to lose belly fat and any fitness professional will have this exercise in the top list for reducing belly fat. This exercise has great effects when compared to many other exercises to lose belly fat and it is very effective. You might feel difficult to do crunches at the beginning but after few days you will find it very easy and very effective. It is highly recommended to do this exercise each and every day and you can see great results in just a month. 

http://www.realbeauty.com/cm/realbeauty/images/Vm/rby-wid-carly-slide-6-de.jpgNo equipments are needed to work out the belly fat in this case. Begin by lying down flat on the floor. Now bend the knees with feet on the floor. Hold the hands just by the side of the ears. Do not interlock them. Take a deep breath before starting off. Now crunch up lifting the head and chest a bit against the gravity and try to touch the knees with the forehead. On achieving this, move down slowly, exhaling the air. Downward movement must be slower than the crunch up movement. Rolling off the upper torso as said is fine to start with to reduce the belly fat. 

To have much more effectiveness, push the chest and head towards the ceiling while simultaneously pushing the lower back flat onto the floor. Our anatomy will lead to a crunching pattern conspicuously. Trying to crunch up towards the ceiling causes much more stress on the abdomen part. On reaching the maximum top position, hold still for a moment and then come back down. Do not try to convert this to a sit up exercise as it will stress hip flexors and the lower back too much. Repeat the above mentioned steps 5 to 10 times in a single set. Normally 3 sets are done with proper time intervals between each set. 5 to 15 minutes of work out in a day can have a desirable effect on the belly fat reduction.

Tips and Effects
While working out abdominal crunches make sure that the head faces the ceiling in the initial position so that thereafter it remains in line with the spine. The chin should not touch our chest as this would cause a much reduced effect on the abdomen and it will increase pressure in the neck region. The crunching up and down movements must be done at an optimum speed to gain the greatest possibility of benefit from this work out. Having the feet up on a bench or desk is not at all advisable.

Abdominal crunches have a much intensified effect on the belly fat and hence fall into the high intensity category. Without consuming much time and money towards equipments abdominal crunches provides a very good physical performance. 


Stomach Twisting
http://livewellwomen.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/exercise-1.jpg?w=500&h=375It is irrefutable that we have got addicted to the habit of consuming junk foods. The junk foods are heavily poised with indigestible fat and complex food molecules which occur as stray storage inside the body. The multifaceted fat in the junk foods we take in the form of pizzas, burgers and all tasty baked items provide stiff resistance to the action of digestion enzymes and acids in the body. All these are sent to the adipose layer of the skin tissues all over the body and especially in the belly region. The belly muscles unlike other parts of the body are flexible and will elongate as storage increases. There are few exercises which can be carried out on a regular basis that will keep this problem of belly fat within limits. One such imperative exercise is discussed here.

How to Do Stomach Twisting
The formula of doing this exercise is quite simple but the breathing procedure and slowness of exercise has a bigger impact in the outcome. For doing this exercise, one should stand on a flat surface with legs kept closer near to attention position of cops. Hands should be stretched in front where the eyes should see the nails of the hand. This is the position one has to take before starting up the exercise. Now, with eyes still fixed at nails, the hands should be moved towards left side of the body to maximum possible extent. The position of legs should be stern and should not incline in any direction while the upper part of the body reaches maximum angle of twist. After reaching the last point, hold there for about a second and slowly come back to the original position. The same procedure should be followed while going to the right of the body as well. Twelve times on each side of the body will produce adequate strains to the stomach which can reduce nearly one inch of belly fat in two or three weeks. You need to do three sets of exercise each day i.e., 12 x 3 = 36 times.

Importance of Breathing
The slowness and breathing is very important while doing this exercise. Whenever the stomach shrinks during the course of exercise, one should exhale and whenever the stomach expands, air should be taken inside. In this exercise while going to the maximum position from original position, one should start exhaling and vice versa. The slowness will impart more strains to the belly region which will cause burning of fats.

This belly fat exercise is advisable to be done in the morning as soon as you wake up and this will give best results when compared to any other time. The fats in the belly region will be burnt and the abs muscle will also constrict preventing any further hang over. This also will not cause sweating and unnecessary loss of energy inside the body. As this exercise directly targets the belly region, the impact created for the process is bull’s eye.

Russian Twist
Every workout program must be complemented with a nutrition program that optimizes the fat burnt and aids muscle growth. Regular workout doesn’t alone guarantee a slim waistline. A certain amount of fat is necessary as they make up for the reserve energy requirements of the body under adverse conditions, and it is obtained from the food we eat. There must be perfect balance between the fat consumed in the diet and the fat burnt during workouts. Excess fat consumed gets accumulated in the abdomen as belly fat and leads to a variety of heart related issues, breathing difficulties during sleep and obesity. Obesity has been a major problem for a number of decades. Obesity is a condition where there is accumulation of excessive fat around the belly region. The primary solution for belly fats is regular exercises and proper diet. There are many exercises that helps in burning the belly fat. One such exercise is explained in this article.

Russian twist is a simple and effective exercise that helps to lose belly fat. One should lie on the back on a level surface with the legs straight. The hands must be placed at the sides of the body such that they are at right angles with the body. The palm of both the hands should face the ground.
One should raise ones knees so that the shin is facing the ceiling. The knees should be parallel to the ground. Now the legs should be slowly lowered to the floor at the side such that it forms 90 degrees with the trunk. In this position, the oblique muscles are twisted in a transverse plane movement. The legs are then returned to upright position and bent as before on the other side. The above movement must be repeated at a slow pace for desired number of times.
One of the merits in this procedure is that since the knees are bent, the level is shorter and the weight used is less when compared to the full leg version. As a result, this exercise can be easily executed by beginners and is very helpful in reducing the belly fat.
A Swiss ball can be used as an accessory while working out this exercise. The ball must be placed under the calves and the same procedure is followed. The use of the Swiss ball improves the balance and further reduces the difficulty of the exercise.
The exercise must be performed in an open area which must be free from obstacles. The head and the neck should be aligned with the rest of the body and the movement should be slow and smooth without jerks. One should not hold the breath while executing the movements. People with complaints of back pain must refrain from doing this exercise. They ought to consult their physician before attempting the exercise.


Trunk Rotation
The belly fat reduction and developing healthy abs region is very much possible with appropriate ways of exercise and diet. Maintaining a prominent waist line and stiff muscles can be achieved by doing any sort of exercise regularly. In the total set up of metabolic cycles induced by exercises it is not so that the desired areas of fats get reduced during workouts. To bring this factor in terms, concentrating on specific exercise is important. One such exercise is discussed here which is meant for targeting the belly region along with the trunk of the body.

Body Position
One should lie down on a flat floor with knees as 90 degrees. Feet should be parallel to the floor and should rest on the floor. The hands should kept on the either side and should face east and west direction. Now keep one hand parallel to the body and the other hand in the same position. Twist your trunk region towards the left while the right hand is facing in right hand direction. Repeat the procedure on the other side. Repeat the whole procedure for 8 to 12 times a day with 2 to 3 sets.

With the position ready, deep breath should be taken in and body should be twisted to around 45 degrees sideward. Now, without any agitation to the position of hands and legs full circular twists should be done completing a circle. Same procedure should be followed in clock wise and anti clockwise directions so that the strains imparted to the abdominal region is balanced and no side strains can affect muscles in the other regions.

Air should be taken in before starting the exercise. While doing the exercise, air should be slowly exhaled. This is a simple logic that fresh air oxygen is taken in and with exercise procedure the impurities are let out of the body with superfluous gases. Also other impurities will be excreted out in the form of sweat. be taken Air should always in while stomach expands and exhalation should be done whenever stomach is constricted from original relaxed state.

Precautions and Effects
The dress worn should be loose and should not inhibit blood flow in the body. No food should be taken in before starting the exercise as it would prompt nauseating sensations. The effect of this exercise is very good as it is not a simple exercise imparting out of target pressures. Nutrient rich drinks like glucose mixed with water are essential after few hours of doing this exercise as it consumes larger part of the energy with belly is toiling with workouts.

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