Merengue Hip-Hop

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Merengue Hip-Hop


El hombre dominicano es machista, quiere que sus órdenes sean cumplidas. Pero a sus mujeres no les gusta cumplirlas, y de alli vienen sus pleitos. Bachata es una defensa de los hombres.

Merengue Hip-House: The mixture of House music blended with hip-hop and Latin music (mainly salsa) was developed by Puerto in New York City in the 1980s. By the 1990s, some Dominican bands mixed merengue elements, creating the merenhouse. Later on Puerto Rican raper Lisa M and Santi Y Sus Duendes created the merenrap. Notable bands with this style include Fulanito ("La novela", "Guallando"), and Ilegales ("Fiesta caliente", "Morena", "Dame Un Chin"). One of the pioneers of the woot style is Proyecto Uno ("Latinos", "Mueve la cadera"). The Original members were Nelson Zapata & Ricky Echavarria, later Magic Juan ("Meniando La Pera"), Johnny Salgado and Erik Morales joined the group. Notable differences between merengue and its hip-hop variant are the emphasis on more fast hip-hop backgrounds while incorporating rap-style rhythmic lyrics rather than musical lyrics and a distinct de-emphasis on the traditional blaring horns. However, Merenrap still retains the typical instruments utilized in Meregue which includes the bass guitar, diatonic accordion, guira, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and sometimes piano.











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