Modern Jive: Arm Bar

Published on by CMe

New York


Modern Jive: Arm Bar move looked to have two different alternative forms for the man's footwork. First the simple version. The man walks forward and brings the lady's R arm to his L shoulder with his R elbow below her arm (unlike for the Aerial Yoyo) (2 beats). The the man walks across to his R while bringing his R straight above his head as the lady walks clockwise around the man's back (2 beats).


Then the man brings his R hand back down to finish (2 beats). I think the lady must have to do a clockwise turn while walking around to make it all work. In the alternative version, the man steps at half-speed, forward on R, across in front with L and now back with normal R-L speed. The step across to the R is essential for the move to work properly without hurting the lady. To Jive & Rock n Roll / Kav Kavanaugh
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