Modern Jive: Armjive Around the World

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Modern Jive: Armjive Around the World

Left Handed Drake Turn.
Comb over your head with the left hand. Duck under the lady’s arm and turn anti-clockwise until you come to face again catching left to right.

Left Handed Comb Drake.
Start as a normal L handed comb. Once the lady’s hand is over your head, duck your head under her arm so her hand moves from your left shoulder to your right shoulder. Step back and catch right to right.

Around the World.
Raise the left hand and walk straight forward under the arm. Place your right hand on the lady’s back and your left hand behind your head, you should now be back to back. Walk around in a circle, when you reach the other side push the lady with the right hand keeping the left hand high, leading the lady to continue walking around you as she comes in front of you. Lower the hand and step back, step in and return the lady, lower and step back.

Begin mans left to lady’s right as you step forward throw the lady's hand towards your right shoulder walking behind her and collecting her right hip with your right hand as you come to her left hand side and collect her left hand. Pull back with the right hand the lady will step back with the right leg.

Lady’s log walk.
Push the lady out in front of you and lead her from side to side by pushing and pulling from left to right. Lady’s will step by crossing over the legs from left to right. When you have finished raise the left hand over the lady's head turning her to face you. Let go of the left hand and return the lady with the right.

Secret Yo-yo into Double capped crusader.
Begin as a normal yo-yo but offer the spare hand at waist level in front of you. As you turn the lady out she will take the offered hand, bring her round in front making the L shape as normal, turn the lady clockwise with both hands above her head as she comes round turn so you are side by side placing the lady's left arm over your head and your right arm over her head .Let go with the right hand and offer it under the lady’s left arm. When the lady takes the hand keep hold with both hands and turn the lady two and a half times in an anticlockwise direction. The lady is now on your left hand side, take your left hand over her head and your right hand over your head. Let go with the left hand and offer it under the lady’s right arm keep hold with both hands turn the lady one and a half times in a clockwise direction. Let go with the left hand as the lady comes around to face return the lady lower the hand and step back.

Double man spin.
Begin as a normal man spin as you turn into your arm, spin one and a half times before catching right to right. Return the lady and step back.

Hatchback Back Flick.
Begin as a normal hatchback but as you flick the lady stay facing forward instead of turning to face her. Catch the lady with your right hand behind your back ( you may need to look over your shoulder to catch the lady‘s hand, she can‘t see what you are doing wile she is spinning.). Flick the lady's hand from your right hand to your left hand behind you. Then finally flick spin the lady with your left hand in front of you, return the lady lower and step back.
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