Modern Jive: Cerocspin (aka Ladiespin)

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Modern Jive: Cerocspin (aka Ladiespin)

Lady Spin (4 counts ; 8 musical beats), brought over from America has been initially developed from a dance called "Jitterburg" by eliminating all its acrobatic elements and polishing the technique. The first description of Jive made by London dance teacher Victor Silvester was published in Europe in 1944. The Boogie, Rock & Roll and the American Swing also influenced this dance.

Jive is a very fast, energy-consuming dance. It is the last dance danced at the competitions, and dancers have to show that having dance four dances they are not tired yet and still ready to go hard at it.

ls1.png1: (Step back)
The man leads the lady to move backwards — by
 pushing her right hand slightly with his right hand — as he moves backwards-left off the lady's line, leaving it free for her to step forwards.

Some men signal the Lady Spin by placing their left hand on the lady's right forearm as a signal to block the lady's travel (and to lead the



ls2.png2: ()
The man leads the lady to move forwards — by pulling her right hand slightly with his right hand — as he moves forwards and rotates 90o  clockwise (with weight on his right leg).

Some men signal the Lady Spin with a “ball and socket” grip — the man cups his hand, while the lady makes a fist — providing a handhold that can separate quickly, which also keeps tension in the lady's arm.


ls3.png3: ()
The man leads the lady to spin 450o clockwise (with weight on her right leg) — by releasing her right hand after pushing it slightly with his right hand (or if the man has taken the lady's right forearm in his left hand, by also releasing her right arm after pulling it slightly with his left hand).


ls4.png4: (Catch, and step back)
The man typically catches the lady's hands in a double handhold, or catches the lady's right hand in either his left or right hand. The man leads the lady to finish the spin (placing weight onto her left foot as a brake and then stepping back on her right leg) — by pushing her hand(s) slightly with his hand(s) — as he moves backwards.

ls5.png5: (Finish)
















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