Modern Jive: Columbian

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Modern Jive: Columbian move, ballroom grip, verbal "Columbian" into splay position (4 beats). The move now travels only forwards down a straight line, but presents its front in the backwards direction. Then step forward and turn to face each other (2 beats), cross step behind and turn torso 90 degrees to face the front (led by man's R) and normal step turning torso to face each other (2 beats), then man leads lady in an underarm clockwise turn forwards (2 beats). At the end of that the man lunges L on the second beat to the "Scorpion" position, with bodies close togther squarely facing each other with heads facing the front, lunged onto forward leg with back leg pointed back and sliding in, back hands at waist height and forward hands high with elbows slightly bent back to have hands near heads. The man's forward L foot is directed at 45 degrees between the lady's direction and the forward direction, whereas the lady's forward R foot is parallel to it, directed at 45 degrees between the man's direction and the backward direction. Having slid in (second beat after the lunge), an anti-clockwise return is used to exit, with a double walking turn used to recover the original dance position. To Jive & Rock n Roll / Kav Kavanaugh
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