Modern Jive: Figure Eight

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Modern Jive: Figure Eight

Initial Signal of Eight Signal - R arm swept back with thumb at 90 degrees to outstretched fingers and pointing downwards

Man walks forward with R to his L, starting to turn counter-clockwise, placing the lady's R in his R before turning counter-clockwise under his own R arm, stepping back behind with his L (shifting weight there), and bringing the joined R hands down to about eye level (2 beats). Man needs to be careful not to have walked too far forward from the starting location - should be about the original midpoint. Then man steps forward on R and uses his R to turn the lady clockwise while stepping together (2 beats), and then back (2 beats). Ladies footwork is to step straight forward for 2 beats, and then walking turn for four beats to end in the back position. To Jive & Rock n Roll / Kav Kavanaugh
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