Modern Jive: Manspin

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Modern Jive: Manspin

(3 counts ; 6 musical beats) Jive, is a generic term sometimes called French Jive. It is a dance style that derives from Swing, Lindy Hop  and Rock and Roll and others, the main innovation being to simplify the footwork. The style first developed in the 1980's at three London Based Clubs, 'Ceroc', 'Le Roc' and 'Cosmopolitan Jive'. The term Modern Jive was originally coined in 1990 by Christine Keeble on a programme called 'How To Jive', designed to promulgate this new style of jive. At that time the dance was known variously as Ceroc, LeRoc or French Jive, although Ceroc was the original. Since Ceroc had a trademark, Christine Keeble used the term 'modern jive' to encompass all of these names. The term 'modern jive' was adopted by various clubs as the dance spread out from its two earliest centres of London and Bristol and it later became accepted as a generic term for the dance. It is used by a large number of independent teachers across the UK and internationally. It is also used by many teaching organisations, though these companies still prefer to use their own branding. 

m991.png1: (Step back)
The man leads the lady to move backwards — by pushing her right hand slightly with his left hand — as he moves backwards-left off the lady's line, leaving it free for her to step forwards.

Of Places by extending their right forearm horizontally palm down, parallel to the floor at


m002.png2: (Step in)
The man leads the lady to move forwards — by pulling her right hand slightly with his left hand — as he moves forwards slightly to the left of the lady's line, so that the lady will come into his right side, bringing his left hand near to his right hip and bringing his right hand over his left arm (and the lady's right arm)  approximately waist height, this is a stylised preparation that keeps the man's right arm free when spinning — although even this is not necessary.

Some men use a dangerous signal for the Change Of Places — an upright right forearm at shoulder height similar to a karaté block — which can collide with the lady's head as both partners change places.

The man can use various hand positions when he steps across, either releasing very early “breaking hands” near his stomach or right hip, which can help if the man is spinning more than 180o or transferring the lady's right hand from his left hand into his right hand when he steps forwards, and then transferring from his right hand into his left when he turns to face, which can help for fast music or if hands are slippery; or even placing the lady's right hand on his stomach/six-pack (this can be a good time to breathe out).













m005.png3: (Step past, and face)
The man leads the lady to move forwards and rotate 180o clockwise (with weight on her right leg) — by releasing the lady's right hand from his right hand — as he moves forwards-right and rotates 180o anticlockwise (with weight on his left leg).




m006.png4: (Finish (with a catch))








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