Modern Jive: Swan Drop

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New York


Modern Jive: Swan Drop this move comes on the end of an R-to-R double spin. At the end of the spin, the man steps up to the lady, places her R over his head onto his R shoulder, and makes contact between his L and her R hips so that the lady stands in front of him facing his R. The man's L hand has gone to the lady's L hip, but with his elbow high on her back to prevent the lady from dipping backwards. Now the man gives downward pressure with his L on the lady's hip so that both crouch while the lady raises her L knee, keeping her L foot pointed down moving up her R leg, while the man moves his R to the top of the lady's L knee (2 beats). In the meantime the lady has faced the audience, and with her free L arm done something stylish, either vertical, horizontal or on her backside. The man gives Downward pressure on the lady's L knee to signal the exit, so both return to a standing position while the man moves his L to the lady's R hip (2 beats), and pushes her away (catching L to R) (2 beats), for a return.. To Jive & Rock n Roll / Kav Kavanaugh
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