Paso Doble Promenade

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Paso Doble Promenade

In closed position, appel R (woman L), step side L to semi-closed position, thru R beginning to turn right-face, side and back L to closed position  man facing reverse; back R with right shoulder back continuing to turn, back L turning (woman forward R in banjo position), side R to Closed Position, close L having turned a total of 1/2 right-face; (qqqq; qqqq;)

This is our dance position at each step:
  1. Closed Position
  2. Semi-Closed Position
  3. Semi-Closed Position
  4. Closed Position
  5. Reverse Semi-Closed Position
  6. Reverse Semi-Closed Position
  7. Closed Position/Semi-Closed Position
  8. Closed Position
Promenade starts and ends in Closed Position and that it turns one-half. But maybe more often than not, round-dance choreography will call for the Promenade to make a full rather than a half turn, and to end in Semi-Closed Position rather than Closed Position. Sometimes the modification will be indicated on the cue sheet and will be cued: "Promenade to Semi" or "Overturned Promenade" or "Promenade to Semi Line," but sometimes we just have to learn the figure for a particular dance. Doble
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