Posture in Paso Doble

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Posture in Paso Doble

The Paso Doble is a male-dominant dance, unlike the other International Latin dances that tend to present the lady. Such dominance is seen through the technical aspects of the dance and in particular the body posture.

The Technical Characteristics Of Paso Doble
Since the male dancer is portrayed as the Matador, he has to recreate the atmosphere of the bull fight. Basically, the man and lady have the same type of posture. But the man has to make it more stylish in the spirit of the matador. He stands with feet together, the knees are straight but not locked. His weight tends to fall over the balls of the feet. The chest should be held forward to show a sense of pride. His entire body is elongated with the abdomen up and in and shoulder blades pulled back and down. The shoulder line and hip line should be on the same axis. However, the man tends to have a straighter line in the back, and the lady by contrast more curve.

Such posture must be maintained throughout most of the dance. That is why it is Paso is the only dance that does hot use the Rumba technique – i.e. no hip movements., there are many steps using the heels. The heavy beats of the marching music used in Paso Doble makes it natural to dance with the heels. In the other 4 International Latin styles, only the balls of the feet are used.

Paso Doble is the only dance that does not apply the basic principles of the Rumba technique. It is the only dance that does not have the type of hip movements as used in Rumba. In fact, one can loosely generalize the Paso Doble as the only Latin American dance that applies the Standard style technique. The shaping in Paso Doble is no doubt Latin but the footwork is more Standard in technique.

Notes on Frame a widened round frame, keeping elbows up and level from one side to the next and maintaining an assertive forward posture towards your partner. Keep shoulders forward of the torso, and maintain a solid but not rigid connection with your partner. The man's left hand should be at about the lady's eye level and his right steadily braced against her left tricep. The lady's left hand should oppose the man's right shoulder. Partner's heads should be directed towards one another. Do not arch your back or look at your feet when dancing.

Notes on Footwork
All steps should be taken on the the balls of the feet raised up on the toes with knees slightly flexed. Keep hips forward towards your partner, eliminating all cuban hip motion. Take small steps, no more than shoulder width when stepping to the side and slightly more than toe to heel forwards and backwards. Feet should always be in contact with the floor.

Notes on Movement
Because Paso Doble is an exhibition dance, it can move anywhere on the dance floor, according to the designs of the leader.

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