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http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_f98opUNuVXc/TGbXIgF7CLI/AAAAAAAARkw/IONvnRheoxc/s400/atm.jpgThe entire butt area means so much to a woman in terms of her self esteem, the types of clothing she wears, her options when shopping for various articles of clothing, and the attention she gets from her man, or other men in general...

How she feels about herself when she looks in the mirror at her backside, her self confidence when she is around other women in different social situations and her basic joy for life are affected by the condition of her butt...  so much so that she is willing to put just enough energy and focus into getting the desired results and changing her butt and body

Every woman has a desire to have a sexy booty and look good in order to enhance her confidence level. To get a nice butt Women spend thousands of dollars every month to get a nice butt but still they fail to get appropriate results. Butt firming is not difficult as it sounds to be. One can easily get sexy hips by following a simple exercise routine on a regular basis provided he/she also maintains a balanced diet. One do not need to workout like an insane for butt firming and attractive hips.

Truth be told - this desire for physical enhancement is so natural and within reach that the possibility of being overwhelmed by the elements that usually distract so many women are a non-facto....

Life is Better With A Sexy Butt and Gorgeous Body

  1. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_HEgAcy2-S-k/TQxxOjbzYDI/AAAAAAAAACk/mrJYPLtKV_M/s1600/Men+Find+Other+Women+Attractive.jpgThe female butt is the 'most checked out' part of a woman's body by men (breasts are second, legs are third). And women know this! Hence the deep desire to get a great butt...
  2. When clothes shopping - the butt (and hips/outsides of the butt) - is the body part that causes the most frustration and anger - because it usually prevents you from fitting into and looking good in those attractive outfits you'd love to be able to wear...
  3. No matter what article of clothing you put on - whether its a pair of jeans, a skirt, a pair of shorts, a bathing suit - or a cute little dress - the main thing you are concerned about is how your butt looks! You know this, too - because when you put on an outfit - you look in the mirror and turn around to see your butt...
  4. And most importantly - when it's time for love making - you want to have that sexy kind of confidence that comes from knowing your butt is looking really good naked, and making your man extremely excited and uncontrollably desirous of you...

Here are top exercises for butt firming to help you get a nice butt:

Child's Pose - Balasana

Benefits: Gentle stretch for the hips, thighs and ankles. Can help relieve back pain.

  1. Drop the knees to the floor.
  2. Spread the knees as wide as the mat, keeping the big toes touching.
  3. Bring the belly to rest between the thighs and the forehead to the floor.
  4. There are two possible arm variations:

Either stretch the arms in front of you with the palms toward the floor or bring the arms back alongside the thighs with the palms facing upwards. Do whichever feel more comfortable to you.

Beginners: Rest in Child’s Pose at any time if you get tired or out of breath. Rejoin the class when you are ready.


Cobbler's Pose - Baddha Konasana
Benefits: Opens the hips and groin

  1. From Staff Pose – Dandasana, bend the knees bringing the soles of the feet together and letting the knees fall out to either side.
  2. Keep the spine long.
  3. Press the outer edges of the feet together strongly.

Extended Side Angle Pose - Utthita Parsvakonasana
Benefits: Strengthens and stretches the legs, groins, hamstrings. Opens the chest and shoulders.


  1. From Downward Facing Dog, bring the right foot forward next to the right hand.
  2. Drop the left heel down to the floor.
  3. Bend the right knee so the calf and thigh are at a right angle with the thigh parallel to the floor.
  4. Bring the right hand inside or outside the right foot and the left arm up toward the ceiling, opening the chest and stacking the left shoulder on top of the right.
  5. Bring the gaze up to the right hand.

To keep the body in balance, repeat on the left side.
Beginners: If the right hand does not comfortably reach the floor, take a block under the hand so that you can still open the chest.


Garland Pose - Malasana
Benefits: Opens the hips and groin

  1. Come to stand with the feet about mat's width apart.
  2. Bend the knees, coming into a squat.
  3. Keep the feet as close to parallel as possible.
  4. Take the upper arms inside your knees and bend the elbows. Bring the palms together into anjali mudra (prayer position).
  5. Try to bring the hands to your heart center with the forearms parallel to the floor to open the knees slightly.
  6. Keep the spine straight and shoulders relaxed.
  7. Stay here for five breaths, then straighten the legs to come out.

Beginners: Bring a folded blanket under your heels for support if your heels come up when you squat. This is better than trying to balance on the balls of your feet.
Advanced: If your feet are parallel, work on bringing them closer together.


Happy Baby Pose - Ananada Balasana
Benefits: Releases the low back, stretches the hamstrings

  1. Come to lie on the back.
  2. Bend the knees into the chest.
  3. Open the knees, bringing them towards the armpits.
  4. Stack each ankle directly over the knee, so that the shins are perpendicular to the floor.
  5. Flex the feet.
  6. Hold the outer edges of the feet at you draw the knees towards the floor.

This pose is appropriate for both beginners and advanced students.


Seated Wide Legged Straddle - Upavistha Konasana
Benefits: Stretches the hamstrings and calves, elongates the spine.

  1. From Staff Pose – Dandasana, open the legs out as wide as is comfortable.
  2. Keep the thigh muscles engaged and the feet flexed.
  3. Make sure the toes are pointing straight up to the ceiling.
  4. Press the legs down into the floor.

Beginners: Put padding under the sit bones if necessary.


Standing Straddle Forward Bend - Prasarita Padottanasana
Benefits: Stretches the hamstrings and opens the hips


  1. Step the feet apart into a wide straddle. The feet should be slightly pigeon-toed so that the outside edges of the feet stay parallel.
  2. Deepen the hip creases as you come into a forward bend.
  3. Bring the hands directly underneath your shoulders. Then begin to walk the hands back, bringing your wrists in line with your ankles, if possible.
  4. Bend the elbows as if in Chaturanga.
  5. Try bringing your body weight forward into the balls of your feet to keep the hips in the same plane as the ankles.
  6. Engage the quadriceps and draw them upwards.
  7. Stay here for 5 to 10 breaths, lengthening the spine on the inhales and deepening the forward bend on the exhales.
  8. To come out, bring your hands onto your hips and keep your back flat as you come up to stand.

Beginners: Take blocks under your hands if they don't reach the floor.
Advanced: If your head easily touches the floor, trying narrowing your stance. If the head is on the floor, you may come up into a tripod headstand.
Arm Variations: You may take Yogi Toe Lock or walk the hands back beyond your ankles with the arms straight.


Triangle Pose - Utthita Trikonasana
Benefits: Strengthen the legs, stretches the groins, hamstrings, hips, opens the chest and shoulders. Can help relieve back pain.

  1. Begin the reach the right arm forward, drawing the right thigh upwards and tucking the hip at you come forward.
  2. Drop the right hand down onto your shin or ankle, or if you are more open, onto the floor inside or outside the right foot. Do whichever one feels most comfortable.
  3. The left shoulder stacks on top of the right one as you open the chest reaching the left fingertips upwards while keeping the left shoulder rooted in the socket.
  4. Take your gaze up toward the left fingertips.
  5. Draw the right thigh muscle upwards, deepening the right hip crease.
  6. Microbend the right knee.
  7. Stack the left hip on top of the left.
  8. Repeat on the left side.

Beginners: Bring the right hand higher up on your leg or use a block on the floor to rest your hand on. It is more important to keep the right leg straight than to bring the right hand to the floor. Do not rest the hand directly on the knee, though, as this creates too much pressure on the knee.
Advanced: Line up the right heel with the arch of the left foot. For a variation, try dropping the left arm over the left ear so it comes parallel to the floor, while keeping the shoulder rooting into the socket.


Warrior II - Virabhadrasana II
Benefits: Strengthen the legs and arms, opens the chest and shoulders, tones the abdomen.

  1. Open the arms out, bringing the right arm in front of you and the left arm behind.
  2. Open the left hip back.
  3. Keep the right knee bent and the right thigh parallel to the floor.
  4. Draw the belly in slightly.
  5. Find the shoulders directly over the hips.
  6. Reach out through both finger tips.
  7. The gaze is forward over the right hand.
  8. Engage the triceps to support the arms, and the quadriceps to support the legs.
  9. Repeat on the left side.

Beginners: Make sure the right knee stays tracked over the middle toe of the right foot. Don’t allow the knee to drift over to the left.
Advanced: Hold the pose for ten breaths.

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