Protect the Back in Tango Dancing 

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Protect the Back in Tango Dancing 


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If you dance the Argentine tango, especially if you're a follower who dances in a close embrace, you're at risk of hurting your back if you don't use tango technique that's kind to your body. To protect your back during the tango, you need to keep a neutral spine rather than arching your back. Spend a practice or two working on your posture; your back will thank you.
  1. Work on your posture off the dance floor. Strive to stand straight and tall, but also in a relaxed and grounded manner. Reach the top of your head to the sky, allowing your torso to open up. At the same time, allow your shoulders, hips and legs to move towards the ground.
  2. Allow your shoulder blades to lie flat against your back, which helps you keep your upper back and shoulders relaxed and in the most natural position. To do this, raise your arms above your head and then slowly lower them. Feel your shoulder blades slide against your back and keep them there.
  3. Find a connection with your partner that incorporates your natural posture. Seek a position where you both feel connected, but where you're not leaning forward from your hips. If you're used to getting a big lean in tango, you may want to start with an open position.
  4. Begin dancing. Focus on keeping your shoulders over your hips as you dance rather than leaning them forward or backward. Creating a bend in your legs can help you do this. You may need to adjust the embrace as you practice.
  5. Relax your muscles as you dance to keep your spine neutral. Only engage the muscles that the dance calls for. Argentine tango is at heart a relaxed dance, so you can both protect your back and dance better if you keep your muscles relaxed.
  6. Visualize a strong and stable lower back if you're a follower who's asked to do a volcada or colgada, two moves that can take a toll on the back if you're not careful. To protect your back, move from the hips and keep your back strong as you do these two tango steps. In a volcada, allow a lean to happen only if the volcada is so big that you can't keep your shoulders over your hips
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