Round Waltz

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Round Waltz

Your wedding is on the horizon, and you and your fiance will be expected to dance in front of 300 guests. Your husband-to-be hasn't danced since feebly attempting a pathetic version of Jackson's moonwalk. Do not get your britches in a rumple. You and your partner can quickly learn how to do the round waltz and wow your wedding guests.

  1. Step to the front on your left foot, then step down on your right foot next to your left foot to the count of "1 2." Step again on your left foot, in place, to the count of "3."
  2. Step your right foot to the back, then step back on your left foot, setting it down next to your right foot, on the count of "1 2." Step down on your right foot on the count of "3."
  3. Grab your partner's hand and instruct him to do the exact opposite of what you are doing. He needs to step to the back on his right foot, then step down on his left foot next to his right foot. He then steps in place on his right foot. He now steps to the front on his left foot and steps his right foot down next to his left foot. He steps in place on his left foot.
  4.  Notice that you will be moving back and forth--to your front and to your back, to his back and to his front. It's not complicated, but it will look very nice when you're doing your first dance at the reception. To Dance Waltz Volume 1: A complete Beginner's Guide To Dancing The Waltz
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