Rumba Flamenca

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Rumba Flamenca
Flamenco Rumba (also called Rumba Flamenca, Rumba Gitana, Gypsy Rumba or Spanish Rumba) is a style of Flamenco music from Spain. Its style derives from the influence of Afro-Cuban Rumba brought back from Cuba to Spain in the 19th century but it is played with guitars and hand clapping, some body slaps and castanets, while the Cuban one uses drums and claves. However, modern performers (guitarists and dance groups) such as Paco de Lucia and Tomatito have incorporated congas and cajon to the percussion section as well as handclapping but have not prominently featured the clave.

Rumba Flamenca became very popular in Catalonia in the 1950's and 60's with pop stars like Peret, Carmen Amaya and El Pescailla, generating a sub-style called Rumba Catalana. It is also very popular in the Camargue region of France, home of Manitas de Plata, Jose Reyes & Los Reyes and the Gipsy Kings. In recent years, Rumba flamenca or has become increasingly popular in the United States and other parts of the world. Popular Rumba flamenca artists in the United States are Wayne Wesley Johnson, Miguel "Mito" de Soto, Armik, Ottmar Liebert, Novamenco, Strunz & Farah, Shahin & Sephre and Willie & Lobo.
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