Separate and Spot Turn in Jive Dancing

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Separate and Spot Turn in Jive Dancing

Jitterbug jive, more commonly known as jive dancing is an African American dance that emerged in the 1940s and is becoming popular once again. With influences taken from swing dance and jitterbug, many of the basic steps are similar to East coast swing and include a series of turns and lifts. With a few tips, you can learn to separate and spot turn in your jive dancing routine.

  1. 1 Begin with the basic rotating the base move, which is the transitional movement for jive dancing. As the lady, you should allow your partner to guide the movement. When you feel him release his hand from your waist and pull back, follow him into the separation and spot turn movement. Remember that jive dancing is characterized by a continuous rotation in a 4 or 5 foot radius, so keep your movements turning in a counter-clockwise fashion throughout the movement.
  2. Step 2 Follow your basic double-steps of the rotate the base move, releasing your arm for your partner's waist as you both step back away from one another. The foot movements of the rotate the base step will not change as you move away from each other. Lift your free arms dramatically as you separate, turning out slightly to accentuate and add style to the move.
  3. Step 3 Use one entire rotate the base step, that is one step back and two double-steps, to complete the separation and return to the hold position. To complete the spot turn, allow your partner to release your right hand as you begin to come back in, taking your cue for the spot turn and making one full rotation clockwise. After the turn, come back to the hold position and continue with the rotate the base move.
  4. Step 4 Add some spice to the separation and spot turn movement in your jive dancing routine by turning yourself as your partner is turning. Release her hand as you step back into the separation, giving her the cue to turn clockwise and turn yourself counterclockwise.




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