Single Time Swing Steps in Jive Dancing

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Single Time Swing Steps in Jive Dancing

Prevalent amongst African Americans in the 1940s, jitterbug jive, or jive dancing is becoming popular once again. With influences taken from both jitterbug and swing dance, many of the movements in jive dancing are similar to those of East coast swing and include a series of rotations, lifts and turns. With a few tips, you can learn to perform the single time swing steps for your jive dancing routine.

  1. 1 Use the single time swing step in place of the the basic rotate the base steps if you are just learning jive dancing. The single time swing step uses the same large rotation in a 4 or 5 foot radius and the same basic steps; however, it eliminates the triple-steps, allowing you to become accustomed to the speed and feel of jive before adding more complicated movements.
  2. Step 2 Begin facing your partner with your left hand on his upper right arm. Allow your partner to place his right hand on your waist and take your right hand loosely in his.
  3. Step 3 Drop your hands down together as you step your right foot behind your left. Your partner will mirror your movements throughout the steps. As you move your feet back, turn your bodies out, opening up towards your clasped hands.
  4. Step 4 Swing your hands down as you lift your left foot in a small step. Continue the swing motion of your hands as you step your right foot back to it's beginning position and return to fully face your partner. Again, lift your left foot to make one small step and then begin the movement again.
  5. Step 5 Repeat the single time jive dancing steps as you turn together with you partner in a counter-clockwise circle. To Jive & Rock n Roll / Kav Kavanaugh
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