Strictly Come Dancing: Letitia Dean Dancing Full of Attitude, Full of Authority

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  Strictly Come Dancing: Letitia Dean Dancing Full of Attitude, Full of Authority

Letitia attitude praised
Letitia Dean, whose Paso Doble to the Bond theme Live and Let Die went down well with the panel. "It was full of attitude, full of authority," Craig said.

Letitia & Darren's Paso Doble 

How to put attitude in your dance?

Paso Doble dancing is a 50/50 split between the footwork and the attitude with which it is carried off. The salsa, merengue and cha cha cha are all celebratory, while paso doble and tango offer pure passion. Whichever Latin dance you do, you must put attitude into it.

  1. Go to dance clubs and watch the talented young dancers on the floor. They are usually dancing with their significant other so there is physical chemistry between them. Watch the eye contact and reactions to partner movement.
  2. Train your body to separate itself at the hip joint. The top of your body should remain absolutely still and slightly leaned back while learning the foot work of the Latin dance. Grind the soles of the feet into the floor with each forward step, and the heels with each back step.
  3. Lust after your partner; at least during the Paso Doble dance routine. There should be intense eye contact with your partner throughout the performance.
  4. Use the arms to convey the message of the Paso Doble step you are performing and to support your partner. The male Paso Doble dancer is an extremely masculine role, so arms should remain low and strong. Paso Doble are spinning throughout the dance and their arms are used to slow and speed the turns.

Put Attitude in your Dancing.










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Are you located in Liverpool to train us? We are a school of 75 students and would like to learn this stuff.