Strictly Salsa is missing the Hip-Hype

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Strictly Salsa is missing the Hip-Hype


Salsa is spicy, sexy, John and Nicole's making waves in dance


Salsa, a dance performance of a passionate romance. Salsa dance is known for its expressive sensual dance moves. It requires movements from all parts of the body - foot, hips, hands, neck, shoulders. For salsa, each body-movement is a language that connotes meaning. It is a dance of communication, a body interaction initiated in a medium of music and beat where partners communicate using their body. Each body action has an equivalent response.

Salsa dancing could burn dance floors with flaming hot motions of romantic desire. It is as if scattered potions filled the air to indulge people in a mood for love. With passionate execution of movements, thumb-thumping heart beats, and a free flowing aesthetically beautiful dance moves, a dance can actually speak language of emotion and passion.

Salsa dancing is always good entertainment. Its eye catching body motions and positions is always an alluring view for any one from different cultures. It can bring out the irresistible sexy figure of the dancers, on both man and woman. Instantly, the couple can suddenly become the most romantic partner on the dance floor. In addition, it can give off impressions of gentleness, sexy and passionate to the dancing couples.

Wonderful performance John and Nicole' You stole the show. Leticia and Darren we were looking forward to you performance. We were disappointed!!!  Looking forward to better performance from you both in the coming week.   Penny and Ian is sad to see you go. We wish you all the best.

Arthur Murray Lake Mary Showcase 2009

Strictly Come Dancing 2009 - Series 7 Week 4 - Ricky Whittle's Salsa - BBC One

Strictly Come Dancing 2009 - Series 7 Week 4 - Jade Johnson's Salsa - BBC One

Ask any salsero and they will tell you salsa is more than a dance. It is life, the motion of intense rhythm, being in the beat and on top of things. Today's salsa is unquestionably shaping tomorrow's social dances. The passion for salsa is worldwide: It is danced throughout Europe, South America, Canada, South Africa, Japan, and China--with as many variations as there are people dancing it. There are so many conferences, congressos, classes, and clubs that a salsero can be busy 24/7.

Salsa is an addiction. So claims Juliet McMains, a professional ballroom competitor and teacher, dance scholar and assistant professor at Florida State University, and a devoted salsera. "As a dancer, you are looking for a dance where you, the music, and your partner can lose all boundaries. Where you become danced by the music, where you cannot tell who initiated what--ending in a space that is outside any intellectual discourse."

However salsa can begin with an argumentative discourse. It goes like this: "Do you dance on the '1' or the '22'?" (meaning do you step out on the "1" or the "2"?). Whichever count is stepped on determines which beat will be held, since salsa has six steps to eight counts.

Beware the answer. It can make of break a potential partnership. It can determine the logo on your T-shirt. It determines whether or not yon can flip the "V" (the old victory sign) with two fingers. It will stereotype and geographically situate you: The "2s" are New Yorkers; the "1" are from Los Angeles and Miami. Passions run high but, in the end, as one of the great salseros stated, "It's all bullshit." What distinguishes the best salseros is that they know how to do a "1" of "2." They choose depending on the music, the musicians, the clave, their mood, and what their partner prefers.

Strictly Come Dancing - Alesha Dixon - My all time favourite

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  Salsa TV, Singapore


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