Tango Cha

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Tango Cha 


Bailas como sos


Section 1 Tango Draw, Touch, Mambo Left, Forward Rock, 11/2 Turn Right    
3-1 Step right large step to right. Slowly drag left to right. Touch left beside right. Side Drag Touch Right
Styling Hold arms as if in closed dance position (leader or follower), look down left.    
4 & 5 Rock left to left side. Recover onto right. Step left forward. Mambo Left On the spot
6-7 Rock forward on right. Recover onto left making 1/2 turn right. Rock Turn Turning right
8 Step right forward and make 1/2 turn right. Turn  
& 1 Step left back and make 1/2 turn right. Step right forward. (6:00) Turn  
Option Omit full turn and do forward cha: right, together, right.    
Section 2 Forward Rock, Back Sweeps, Weave, 1/4 Turn Right, Back Lock Step    
2 & Rock left forward. Recover onto right. Forward Rock On the spot
3 Step left back, sweeping right toe out to right side and back. Back Sweep Back
4 Cross right slightly behind left, sweeping left toe out to left side and back. Back Sweep  
5 Cross left slightly behind right, sweeping right toe out to right side and back. Back Sweep  
6 & Cross right behind left. Step left to left side. Behind Side  
7 & Cross right over left. Make 1/4 turn right and step left back. Cross Turn Turning right
8 & 1 Step right back. Lock step left across right. Step right back. Back Lock Back Back
Section 3 Back Rock, Forward Cha, & Kick & Back, Weave 1/4 Turn Right    
2-3 Rock back on left. Recover forward onto right. Back Rock On the spot
4-5 Step left forward. Step right beside left. Step left forward. Forward Cha  
& 6 Lift right knee slightly. Kick right foot down and across front of left. & Kick  
& 7 Lift right knee, right foot close to left knee. Cross right behind left. & Back  
8 & 1 Cross left behind right. Turn 1/4 right and step right forward. Step left forward. Behind Turn Step Turning right
Section 4 Side Rock, Weave 1/4 Turn Left, Syncopated Sailor Steps Forward, Cross Rock    
 2 - 3 Rock right to right side. Recover onto left. Side Rock On the spot
4 & Cross right behind left. Make 1/4 turn left and step left forward. Behind Turn Turning left
5 Step right forward to right diagonal. Step Forward
& 6 & Cross left behind right. Step right to right side. Step left forward to left diagonal. Sailor Step  
7 & Cross right behind left. Step left to left side. Behind Side Left
8 & Rock right across front of left. Recover onto left. Cross Rock On the spot

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