Tango Choreographed: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

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Tango Choreographed: Mr. and Mrs. Smith


Bailas como sos

I will be teaching a set piece of choreography to a specific song each month or every two months.

This allows the dancer to learn a dance with musicality and projection to an audience as well as just learning dance patterns and technique. It gives the artistic side of the dancer a chance to come out and gives the leader a chance to put patterns together in new ways that can then be used on the social dance floor.

The initial inspiration behind Paul Becker's Capoeira piece was a poster for the 2005 movie, 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Paul says, "I liked the dynamic between the two of them -- one second they're kissing and then they're trying to blow each other's brains out. There's such a fiery passion between the two characters. It's ferocious!".

Mr and Mrs Smith Tango 

He wanted his routine to be a battle between the two dancers and told the dancers this back story: The guy cheated on the girl and she's furious about it, but is still passionate about him. 

"One second she's hitting him, the next second she's kissing him," he explains. "I thought the hardest part of the routine would have been the last move, where she flips him over the back and lands on top of him, but it ended up being the easiest," Paul laughs. Turns out, the hardest move ended up being the handstand at the beginning of the number. 

Paul says, "The move really is a balancing act and it's all about timing and practice,".


Dracula Tango


Assassin's Tango


Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  Salsa TV, Singapore

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