Tango Leg-a-see

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Tango Leg-a-see


El Tango es el producto cultural más auténtico del país de los argentinos


Leg Lift With Inner Wrap

The man leads the woman to the cross using the natural system and crosses his right foot in front of his left. He rotates his upper body to the left leading the woman to take a side step RF. As she steps he places his RF deep in between her open feet closer to the leading foot RF, lifts the lady on to his chest and rotates her ever so slightly to the left so that she places her full weight on her standing RF and lifts her LF to hug the man around his waist and down his back. As the man stands on his RF, he brings his LF in slightly so as to keep the lady on balance.


At this point instead of leading her into a boleo with a twist of his upper body to the left as in the previousl lesson, he twists his upper body to his right. This causes the woman to release her leg down the man’s back and move her weight to step on it. She keeps her leg close to the man and doesn’t step away from him. As she puts her weight on her left foot, he twists his right foot out away from his body, bends his right knee and lifts his right heel. This allows the woman to gancho the man with her right foot. Although no hard kick is needed, the man should feel a squeeze as the woman hugs the man’s upper thigh by curling her calf around it. The man continues rotating the woman into a back ocho. She lifts her knee and collects her RF to her LF before stretching back for the back step of the back ocho.  The step ends with a front boleo as the man blocks the lady’s exit path, stepping back with her but turning his torso to turn her to her left and allowing her to sweep her left leg into a forward boleo.


Tips for the Lady While performing the wrap, keep your leg in contact with the man for as long as you can, this is more sensual and looks more slick.   The forward boleo should be done in the timing to the music and in the same pace as the ocho. Keep your knees together and so there is no gap between your thighs.


Tips for the Man The man should bend his knee and lift his heel to give the lady a comfortable surface to wrap or hook. Also make sure you turn your foot to your right allowing your thigh to make contact with hers. It is always a comfort for a lady to feel a mans thigh before a gancho as she then knows where his leg is and is assured that she won't miss him and kick somewhere else by mistake.

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