Tango: Side Steps With Cuarto

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Tango: Side Steps With Cuarto


El Tango es el producto cultural más auténtico del país de los argentinos


The Cuarto which means the number 4 is also know as the forward boleo. It is a A figure created when the lady flicks her lower leg up the outside of the opposite leg, keeping her knees together, and briefly creating a numeral 4 in profile. This can be led with a sacada or with an arrested rotational lead like a boleo, or it can be used, at the lady’s discretion, in place of a gancho or as an adornment after a gancho.

The Calecita means Carousel; the merry-go-round: A figure in which the man places the lady on one foot with a lifting action of his frame and then dances around her while keeping her centered over, and pivoting on, her supporting leg. In our step the lady will be in the cuarto figure as the man walks around her .

The Step

  1. The man begins leading giro to his left.

  2. When the lady takes a side step RF with man stepping to her R trailing foot with RF. 

  3. The man leads woman over his right foot to begin giro to man's right side step blocked with man stepping to ladies L trailing foot with LF man leads the lady into back ocho, stepping with RF between the ladies legs as she steps back for the ocho. as he does this he displaces her trailing Left leg and causes her to kick it up against her right thigh in a castigada. 

  4. The man continues walking around the woman while she pivots on her standing R Leg. Ladies remember to stand tall imagining a steel rode through your body keeping you straight and pivoting on your toes. This movement is a very good test of your balance. Practice it so that the man does not have to compensate for your lack of balance. 

  5. The man then leads the woman into a forward ocho step in front of him. 

  6. He sacadas her second forwards ocho with his right foot. He does this by stepping next to her trailing left foot when she steps forward with her right. When she ochos the third time,he crosses his left leg in front of right. 

  7. At this point he is in the cross system. When he steps forward with his right foot, the woman will step back with her right. 

  8. He rocks turning to his left, leading her to a side step and then a back step. 

  9. He traps her right foot with his right foot as she steps back. When we say traps, in the tango if a man touches your foot with his, it is a sign that you should not remove your foot. This is known as a parada. 

  10. The man steps back on to his left foot keeping his right leg outstretched. The man must ensure that when he does a parada, he does not engulf the length of the ladies foot with his foot as this will prevent her from pivoting on her foot. Instead he should just make sure that he covers less than half her foot. 

  11. At this point, the woman takes over. In this position, she can take her time and execute the decorations she wants. With her left leg outstretched she can bring it to touch the mans extended foot in a wide sweep also known as a planeo. she could also bring her foot to touch the man with three distinct taps on the ground. 

  12. As she steps over the mans foot she can decorate doing a carisia (see former descriptions) or a rulo and allowing the lady to pivot around.

  13. Once the lady has stepped over the mans foot, he lifts her slightly and pivots her to face him while she brings her right foot to join her left. 

  14. He then ends with the tango close - Man steps forward with his LF, to side with his RF and closes his feet together with his LF. (The lady steps backward with her RF, to the side with her LF and together with her RF).


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