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When we began putting this album together, we knew it would include 'The Lovers' Waltz,' our most requested new tune. The idea was to focus on our own compositions, as well as some longtime favorite melodies by other artists. As we gathered material, it became obvious that this was going to be a romantic album, as well as an eclectic one. Our list included an Irish air ('Give Me Your Hand'), a Fats Waller Song ('Honey on the Moon"), a Klezmer classic ('Chosen Challe Mazeltov'), plus some gorgeous waltzes and fiddle tunes. Also, the album was mostly dance music from a wide variety of different traditions, such as a Finnish Waltz ('Metsakukkia'), a '40s swing tune ('It's All In Your Mind') and a Cajun two-step ('Louisiana Wedding Bells').


  1. The Lovers' Waltz (duet) - Ungar & Mason (3:27) Audio icon 336K
  2. The Misty Dawn (Misty Molly/Foxy Mary/My Darling Asleep) - Ungar (7:57)
  3. The Mountain House - Ungar (4:10)
  4. The Contradance (The Road We Traveled/The Wizard's Walk) - Ungar (3:38) Audio icon 495K
  5. Legends Of The Fall - Horner (4:11)
  6. The Lover's Lament - trad. arr. Ungar & Mason (3:10)
  7. Prairie Love Song - Ungar & Mason (3:01) Audio icon 473K
  8. Louisiana Wedding Bells - Mason (3:10) Audio icon 368K
  9. The Montague Processional - Kaynor (4:10)
  10. Give Me Your Hand - O'Cathain arr. Ungar & Mason (3:05)
  11. There's Honey On The Moon Tonight - Gillespie, Davis & Coots (2:46)
  12. Metsakukkia - trad. arr. Ungar & Mason (4:30)
  13. Chosen Challe Mazeltov - trad. arr. Ungar & Mason (2:51)
  14. Tip-Toe Alley - Ungar (3:42)
  15. It's All In Your Mind - LaVere (3:09) Audio icon 512K
  16. The Lovers' Waltz - Ungar & Mason (4:29) Waltz
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