The Pretzel while Dancing the Merengue

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The Pretzel while Dancing the Merengue 


El hombre dominicano es machista, quiere que sus órdenes sean cumplidas. Pero a sus mujeres no les gusta cumplirlas, y de alli vienen sus pleitos. Bachata es una defensa de los hombres.


Doing the pretzel while dancing the merengue takes a little practice, for it is actually consists of several turns. The trick is to do all of them while not letting go of your partner's hands--except at the very end of the pretzel where you release only one of his hands. You too can begin learning one of the beautiful steps characteristic of the merengue.

  1. Begin the pretzel while dancing the merengue from the "closed hold" or while you and your partner clasp hands together.

  2. Do an open break where you move away from your partner in time with the music.

  3. Move in for the turn when you are the woman. Lift your right hand as you hold the man's left hand.

  4. Turn to the left beneath your uplifted hands. You will be turning toward the man. Keep your hands clasped as you do this.

  5. End the turn by standing on the man's right side. You both will face front.

  6. Hold your right hand out as you clasp the man's left hand.

  7. Cross your left arm over your stomach and hold the man's right hand. His right hand will rest against your back.

  8. Lower the clasped hands in front of your body, and then raise them in time with the music.

  9. Go around to the right as you stay at the man's side. You both will turn together, with your hands still clasped and your arms around the other. The man will step forward as you step back.

  10. Leave your position at the man's side when you both have turned in a complete circle. Do this by raising the clasped hands before you: your right hand and the man's left hand.

  11. Keep your left arm crossed against your stomach and your left hand in the man's right hand as you step forward and turn to the right. Keep your right hand high as you clasp the man's left hand.

  12. Continue to turn to the right so that the man's right hand goes behind your back as you hold it with your left.

  13. Face each other at the end of the turn with his right hand behind your back and your right hand and the man's left hand clasped and held to the side. You will not be directly across from each other. You will be in front of the man, but a little to his right.

  14. Revolve around to the right until you have made it about half way around a circle. At the half-way point, move to the right as the man moves to the left, so you are now back to back with your hands still clasped. Keep your left hand clasped with the man's right hand low, while you hold your right hand clasped with the man's left hand up high.

  15. Let go of the man's right hand, and step forward as he steps back, until you face each other again.

  16. Resume your original position, and continue the merengue.

  17. Dance the pretzel over and over. There are many parts to this move, so it takes time to learn them all.

  18. Be sure to do pretzel while dancing the merengue in time with the music. You may well find that the music helps to time your steps while doing the pretzel while dancing the merengue, helping to dictate when you turn, when you switch from position to position an when to end. As with any dance step, practice is what will help you to perfect the pretzel while dancing the merengue


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