The Rib Isolation Reggaeton Dance Move

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The Rib Isolation Reggaeton Dance Move 


A Styling Steps Presentation

Reggaeton dance moves are very popular and are often seen in many dance clubs and other dance performances. There are several different moves that make up a reaggaeton dance. The rib isolation reggaeton dance move is one of the most common and most important of the dance moves.
  1. Warm up before performing reggaeton dance moves. Stretch your arm and leg muscles.
  2. Isolate your left shoulder by leaving your left arm straight down by your side and raising your left shoulder as high as it will go. You can also lean slightly into the shoulder lift.
  3. Pop your chest outwards as far as it will go. Your arms will be slightly behind you as you stick your chest outwards.
  4. Raise your right shoulder as high as it will go in the same manner as you did the left shoulder. Keep your arms down by your side at all times. Lean slightly to the right as your raise your right shoulder.
  5. Contract your chest inward as your back pops outward.
  6. Complete the entire cycle as shoulder-chest-shoulder-back. Perform each step individually, but gradually pick up speed and blend each step together so that the movement appears to be one gigantic circle.



Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  Salsa TV, Singapore


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