The Side Rock Rumba Step

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The Side Rock Rumba Step


Music must be swallowed by movement.

Do a Men's Side Rock Rumba Step
The partners begin and end Rumba dance in closed position. The Rumba Ballroom Dance originated in Cuba. You maintain 4/4 timing, by using a slow, quick, quick rhythm because it's a slow and flirtatious dance. Your footwork will be ball to flat.
  1. Bend your left knee. Your hip should drop on count one.
  2. Move your left foot to the side. This movement should be quick with your left foot skimming the floor until it rests on the ball of your foot.
  3. Close your right foot to the left. When your feet come together in the quick movement, you should be on your flat feet. Transfer your weight to the left foot and leave it in place.
  4. Repeat Step 1 with your right knee and hip.
  5. Slide the right foot to the side. Moving your right foot slowly across floor, you want to end with it on the ball.
  6. Glide the left foot to right foot's side. You want this movement to be quick. Your weight should be on the right foot.
  7. Repeat the above steps as you continue to do a men's side rock rumba step.

Do a Ladies' Rumba Side Rock Step
The rock step in the rumba is the same for the woman as it is for the man with one exception: the woman will take her cue from the man regarding when to do the rock step. Although she moves in the same direction as the man, she will be moving the opposite feet.

  1. Begin from the rumba box step. Step back on your right foot, back and to the left with your left foot and close with your right foot. Step forward on your left foot, up and to the right with your right foot and close with your left foot. The count is slow, quick-quick, slow, quick-quick.
  2. Start the rock step as if you're doing another box step. Step back on your right foot and back and to the left with your left foot (slow, quick). Instead of closing with your right foot, shift your weight back to your right foot without moving your left foot(quick).
  3. Close your left foot to your right (slow). Step to the right with your right foot, shifting your weight to that foot (quick), then back to your left foot without moving your right foot (quick).
  4. Close with your right foot (slow) and repeat the side rock step as in Step 2.
  5. Continue as long as the man indicates he wants you to do the rock step.

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