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 Toning Shoes: Do They Really Work?
Toning shoes are all the rage, promising to firm up a mushy tush, tone your thighs and help you burn more calories than you would with plain old walking. But they may not be the magic bullet you’ve been dreaming of.

Fitness shoes are designed with a rounded bottom—similar to the stability balls you’ll find at the gym—to create instability. This is supposed to make your muscles work harder with every step you take. According to Skechers—the makers of Shape-ups—wearing toning shoes may give you stronger leg and butt muscles, help you burn more calories and improve your posture.

However, some experts say there aren’t any long-term benefits to these popular fitness shoes. According to Phillip Vasyli, podiatrist and founder of Orthaheel footwear line, “toning shoes make it harder to walk distances and potentially take away from a walking workout.”

How Toning Shoes Can Give you a Workout on the Go an active lifestyle is an important part of leading a happy and healthy existence. Not only does regular exercise help to make you look better, but you will feel better as well.
In this day and age, however, it can be difficult to fit a workout regimen into your busy schedule. Between taking care of your family, keeping up the house and going to your job, how are you supposed to fit exercise into the equation?
Finally, the answer to this dilemma comes in the form of toning shoes. Toning shoes are the convenient and functional solution to packing a much-needed workout into your schedule.
With toning shoes, you get a workout wherever you go. Whether you are walking around the supermarket, going for a stroll around the block or simply puttering around the house, toning shoes help you get the most return out of every single step that you take. Here are a few examples of toning shoes that are making their mark on the exercise world today.
MBT Shoes
Muscle toning shoes by MBT are among the most dynamic and proactive sneakers in the world today. The company Swiss Masai designed these shoes to mimic the feel of walking barefoot on uneven ground.
But why design a shoe that makes the wearer feel as if they are walking shoeless on a sandy beach? The answer is evolution. Human beings are not biologically made to be walking around all day long on hard, flat surfaces like concrete sidewalks. The constant banging of heels on pavement all day can cause serious damage to ligaments, tendons and joints.
Not only does the design of MBT shoes help to alleviate common body aches, but they also help to stimulate muscles that go unused when wearing traditional footwear. This comes from an idea called "natural instability". Imagine that you are walking along a sandy pathway in your bare feet. As you walk, the ground beneath you tends to give in unexpected places. Tiny muscles from your feet all the way up through your back burst into action to help stabilize your body. These muscles typically go unused, but with MBT shoes, you get an extra boost of exercise.
FitFlop Sandals
Everybody loves a pair of flip-flops in the summer. They allow your feet to keep cool on a hot day and are fantastic for the beach. But everyone who has worn a pair knows that they aren't the best article of footwear for walking around.
FitFlop Sandals are specifically designed to allow the comfort and ease of flip-flops while engaging your muscles and making it easier to walk. These sandals use a brand new sole that utilizes Microwobbleboard technology. Not only does this absorb shock and provide exceptional comfort, but it also utilizes the same "natural instability" as MBT Shoes to help bring unused muscles back to life.
In addition to all that, FitFlop Sandals feature a footbed that is slightly curved along the bottom. This facilitates a natural rolling motion to relieve pressure on your sensitive joints. Exceptional arch and heel support is another fantastic way that these sandals facilitate a healthy body. Stop suffering from common body aches just for the cool breeze that flip-flops can provide. Air out your feet and keep your body healthy with FitFlop Sandals.
Skechers Shape Ups Ups by Skechers are another industry leading brand in the world of fitness footwear. Already a popular line of lifestyle shoes, Skechers has taken its brand to the next level by building a shoe that helps your body to get in better shape just by going about your normal business.
To do this, Shape Ups feature a special kinetic wedge insert. This insert absorbs shock to keep your body feeling good, as well as the dynamic rolling bottom. Not only does the bottom help to simulate the feel of walking around on nice, soft ground, but it helps burn additional calories as well.
Shape Ups from Skechers help the wearer to lose weight, tone your muscles, create better circulation, and even to improve cardiovascular health. Even if you already go for long walks, Skechers Shape Ups can help you to get the most out of your workout.
That is really the idea behind all toning shoes. They give you a boost on your way to a better body. Even if you make no change in your daily activity, toning shoes can help you burn more calories.
However, toning shoes work best when you make a whole lifestyle change. Not only does it help for you to go on a thirty-minute walk every day, but you should also change some bad habits. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and make sure you get enough sleep at night. When you combine basic lifestyle modifications with a pair of toning shoes, you will be well on your way to a more active and healthy existence in no time.

Toning shoes for women that work shoes for women will most certainly be the new hype for individuals needing fat reduction along with toning. There is a considerable amount of investigation about toning shoe design and style and several companies posses the actual concept and made a number of the most fantastic shoe models which come from the rudimentary technological know-how associated with 'shaky footwear'. toning shoes happen to be getting built via some of the top companies inside the footwear creating community for instance Sketchers plus Reebok after which there is the MBT sneakers which are definitely becoming common. Which means how can toning shoes aid in tone legs?

The newest were created around the rule that some instability around the sneaker sole can really help muscle tissues increase power and additionally continue to work harder than typical. The standard thought driving more or less all body toning shoes concepts. The most important companies place plenty of contemplation on the method and the toning shoe eventually arrives performing far better as well as delivering even more coziness to the person wearing the sneaker to allow them to stay in shape comfortably when wearing their toning shoes.

Toning shoes should certainly help make you look tremendous

  • Sculpt your own butt
  •  Make your current jeans fit tighter
  • Sculpt your current buttocks and also your own hind legs
  • Feel tremendous wearing a swimsuit

Toning shoes for women come in various styles from flip flops to athletic shoes. They are tremendously wearable as well as do not have any kind of unappealing design and style characteristics. This causes toning shoes for women terribly user friendly through your own day-to-day routines. Though physicians recommend in opposition to having toning shoes a person's exclusive type of physical fitness, the footwear can be quite a marvelous alternative if you cannot reach the gymnasium. Those people who are far too hectic to head to the gym are now able to get yourself a exercise session by just taking walks throughout any afternoon!

The type of end result you're going to get through wearing the best toning shoes for women has been the fact that you'll get toned lower-leg muscular tissue and they also can even go as much as to help workout your own abdominals as the rocking activity helps around firming all of them as well. The concept in regards to toning shoes for women fat reduction is always to operate many kinds of sets of muscular tissue and then infuse alot more action at the generally very lazy muscular tissues. Repeating this will be a impressive and also longer lasting method of shedding weight. This definitely is exactly what toning shoes complete!

Toning shoes for women will be a excellent plan to order with regard to females that won't seize time from their own chaotic agenda and also head to the health club to exercise. Now you don't will need to be worried about going to the fitness center a few occasions every working week combined with experience using a good solid secure pair of toning shoes like a workout routine the entire remaining evening!


Avia Avi-motion Toning Shoes
Method of action: Avia Avi-Motion toning shoes tone the muscles of the lower body with an innovative rocker sole, the first on the market to add flexibility to the rocking motion. Lateral and dorsal groves offer a more natural movement and they lack the height of many models. Good for relieving pain and improving the posture.

AVIA WomenAdvantages

  •  The heel cantilever makes sure the heel returns in time for a cushioned heel strike
  • The double rocker sole offers muscle activation with greater comfort
  • The first toning shoe to offer full forefoot flexibility
  • Shoe eases the pressure on joints which can releive pain
  • Innovative foam in the heel provides exceptional shock absorption
  • Simulates barefoot walking
  • Good prices
  • Low profile - people will not know you are wearing toning shoes
  • Styles for men and women

Fila Sculpt N Tone Toning Shoes
Method of Action: Fila Sculpt n Tone toning shoes use a rocker bottom design to create an unstable base, which helps to get the muscles working harder with each step. The heel is well cushioned by a soft and supportive midsole, with the shock waves from the heel strike dampened to ease the strain on the joints. The foot is guided through a muscle stretching heel to toe roll, simulating barefoot walking in soft sand.

The shoes help to activate the muscles throughout the lower body, although the maximum increase in muscle activation is in the hips and buttocks. The Fila Sculpt and Tone is an attractive and fashionable toning shoe, and are highly comfortable for day long wear.Fila have also produced an accompanying range of toning clothing to further boost muscle activation when working out. The Fila Body toning system consists of Capri pants and leggings, which shape and firm the lower body for an instant change in body shape, whilst applying compression to the muscles to get them working harder. In conjunction with the shoes, the hips, thighs and buttocks get a highly targeted toning workout.


  • Comfortable toning shoe which targets the buttocks and hips for faster toning
  • Simulates barefoot walking in soft sand making it a good choice for recovery from plantar fasciitis
  • High degree of cushioning to ease the strain on the joints for a low impact workout
  • Corrects the posture and promotes a natural heel to toe roll
  • Builds strength and stamina in the buttocks and legs
  • Stimulates the blood circulation
  •  In conjunction with the Fila Body Toning System, the lower body gets a highly targeted hip, thigh and buttock workout

FF Supertone Toning Shoes
The FF Supertone has been selling like hot cakes in the UK, since its release last summer. It also goes by the name of the FitFlop Super Sneeka in the states. The retro design has been a big selling point, and the red, silver and black colours have proved to be incredibly popular for pure casual wear.

FF Supertone toning shoes feature Microwobbleboard technology in the soles, which was redeveloped to fit in the low profile sneaker, yet still offers great toning and cushioning. The FitFlop-Women-s-FF.pngshoes will increase toning to the lower body by up to 30% more than standard shoes, with the FitFlop Super Sneeka giving up to 22% more shock absorption.


  • Highly comfortable shoes for everyday wear
  • Low profile design
  • The most stylish toning sneakers on the market
  •  Increases toning to the lower body by up to 30%
  • 22% more shock absorption than standard shoes
  • Eases the stress on the joints for pain free walking

Puma BodyTrain Toning Shoes
They have to be some of the most attractive toning shoes to date, and have a low profile design which looks fantastic. A great choice of styles, and the shoes really pack in the technology

Method of Action:  Puma BodyTrain work the lower body harder by using resistance. The shoes have a highly technical construction, which keeps the weight down making them ultra lightweight. They have a low profile design, and offer excellent cushioning. The design is such that these toning shoes will let you walk in a much more natural way, and work the front and the back of the legs. They have a highly durable design and a midsole which can help to prevent overpronation when walking. The shoes claim to improve toning by 18% more than the competitors, which as you can see from this hub, there are quite a few!!


  • Puma-BodyTrain.pngFirst and foremost there is the design. The shoes look sleek and sexy
  • Puma claims to offer 18% more toning than the competitors, putting that at over 30% more toning
  • Correct the posture
  • The shoes target the calves, buttocks and hamstrings, as well as the front of the legs
  • Comfortable design which promotes a natural walking gaitgreat for power walking
  • Ortholite sockliner gives the feet unrivaled support
  • High traction outsole and high stable design
  • Hard wearing and excellent value for money  

Reebok Easytone Toning Shoes
Method of action: Reebok Easytone trainers feature instability pods in the soles of the shoes drawing inspiration from balance ball technology. Increase toning in the legs and bottom and
Reebok-Women-s-Easytone.pngmake walking more of a workout.

  • The only model which can be used for jogging as well as walking
  • Gives a 28% toning boost to the bottom
  • 11% toning boost to thighs and calves
  • Exceptional comfort with no interior seams
  • Great style and wide choice of designs
  • Looks like a standard trainer rather than a toning shoe
  • One sandal model produced for the summer 

Reebok SimplyTone Toning Shoes
Method of Action: In terms of toning,SimplyTone offers everything that the Reebok EasyTone does, as they are essentially the same shoes. The outsole features three pods which create instabilities underfoot, which in turn stimulate more muscle groups in the lower body, increasing the time of activation to give up to 28% more toning to the buttocks and 11% more to the calves and hamstrings.

What is the difference between Reebok SimplyTone and Reebok EasyTone? Some EasyTone wearers have complained that after intensive use, the air filled pods in the EasyTone split. Whilst the shoes are under guarantee, the SimplyTone offers an alternative, replacing the air filled instability pods with foam. The pods won’t split, the shoes will last for longer, and the effect is the same.

Reebok SimplyTone shoes offer a cost saving, with prices a little below that of the Easytone. The shoes offer exceptional comfort thanks to the super soft, silky Smoothfit lining and Playdry makes for excellent moisture management.

  • Increase muscle activity in the glutes by up to 28%, and the hamstrings and calves by 11%
  • Incredibly comfortable fit with the SmoothFit seamless design
  • Playdry lining wicks away moisture with a mesh upper to facilitate the exit of steam and heat.
  • Foam instability pods offer greater durability
  • Rubber outsole for excellent traction
  • Cheaper than the Easytone

Reebok RunTone Trainers
Method of Action: Reebok RunTone trainers have just been released and are the response to calls from toning addicts to create a toning shoe which can be used in the gym, and for running and jogging.

The feature instability pods in the soles of the shoes which increase muscle activity. The number of pods has been increased, and their size reduced to make them more stable for running. The cushioning has been increased with a MEVA insole,and DMX Shear cushioning has been added to take the force out of the heel strike.

Featuring cool styles and a range for both men and women, they are sure to be as successful as their walking shoe cousins, the Reebok Easytone!


  • The only toning shoes which are recommended for running, jogging and the gym
  • Incredibly comfortable fit with the SmoothFit seamless design
  • Great stability and cushioning underfoot
  • Great choice of styles, and look less like toning shoes than many models
  • Increase muscle activity in the quadriceps
  • Increase muscle activity in the buttocks up to 28%, and the quads, calves and hamstrings up to 11%
  • Feature both men and women's models

Reebok TrainTone Slimm
Method of Action: The Reebok TrainTone Slimm, or Reebok TrainTone in the UK, is the latest release from Reebok aimed at those who like to go to the gym or take fitness classes. They feature a highly stable design well suited to energetic workouts, to give an extra burn to the whole of the lower body.

The TrainTone Slimm features two instability pods in the outsole, one less than the Easytone design. The toe pod has been enlarged and converted to a gripper section for greater traction and a secure toe off. The forefoot and heel pods are smaller with a lower profile design to keep the centre of gravity low for maximum stability.

Reebok-Women-s-TrainTone-copy-1.pngDue to the lower profile outsole, the shoes will not generate such a high increase in muscle activity when running as the Runtone. The TrainTone works best in standing workouts and Stairmaster.


  • Toning shoes for the gym, fitness classes, Pilates, Yoga and general keep fit
  • SmoothFit seamless lining features a Play Dry lining to deal with perspiration
  • Stable design is able to cope with higher intensity workouts such as fitness classes
  • Can be used on the treadmill and in the gym
  • Increase muscle activity in the buttocks, quads, calves and hamstrings by up to 28%

The Tonewalker
Method of action: The Tonewalker is new to the toning shoe market and is one of the strangest. The hump in the sole forces the wearer to stand back on their heels, thus correcting the posture.   When walking, the soft foam activates the muscles more than standard shoes and they are surprisingly comfortable.

The EVA foam will not last as long as some of the more robust models, however for a fun design for summer they will tone your legs, improve your posture, and announce to the world that you are toning your bum!


  • Increase the workout to the lower body
  • Improve posture
  • Ease foot problems
  • The lightest toning shoes on the market at only 600g a pair
  • Improve blood circulation

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