Viennese Waltz: Change Steps

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Viennese-Waltz-Change-Steps.jpg Viennese Waltz is the classic, original Waltz often featured in old films. The elegance and charm of the Viennese Waltz reminds us of glamorous balls in the palaces of Europe. A waltzing couple rotates around the floor, revolving gracefully around each other. The Viennese Waltz is a quick, rotating dance, much faster-paced than the classic, slow Waltz. This simplied social version is a beautiful, non-strenuous dance that dancers of all abilities can enjoy.

Change steps are used to make the transition between natural and reverse turns.

There is also an American Style Viennese Waltz which is quite different from original. It includes the basic steps but has more freedom and adds many extra things (dancers can break hold, may spin away from each other, do movements out of dance position, etc.). A true Viennese waltz consists only of turns and change steps. Other moves are modern inventions and not normally danced at the annual balls in Vienna
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